China Glaze Summer 2013 Sunsational Collection – Official Info & Photos

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It took me a while to decide if I should post the China Glaze Summer 2013 Sunsational Collection and not because I have something against it but because I’m over it since the first time I announced this article was back in October 2012. Somehow the information managed to slip by China Glaze PR department so right after the summer 2012 ended we already knew how the upcoming summery 2013 nail polishes would look like. It is true that back then the name was China Glaze Summer 2013 Neons On The Shore Collection but all the details, polish names and photos remained the same.


Make waves this summer with the new China Glaze Sunsational Collection.  This fun palette of six brighter-than-bright crèmes and six juicy jelly polishes create a bold pop or sheer hint of color that are sure to see you through every highlight of your summer.


International Launch Date – July 2013 at fine salons and beauty supply stores

Romania Launch Date – June 2013

Take a look at the entire collection right after the jump.

China Glaze Summer 2013 Sunsational Collection

Sunsational Cremes Collection

  • Sun Of A Peach – popping peachy creme
  • Neon & On & On – flirtatious pink creme
  • Bottoms Up – passionate bubblegum pink-purple creme
  • That’s Shore Bright – playful purple creme
  • Too Yacht to Handle – teasing teal creme
  • Highlight of My Summer – mellow mint green creme

Sunsational Jellies Collection

  • Shell-O – juicy coral-pink jelly
  • Heat Index – enticing pink jelly
  • You Drive Me Coconuts – panic causing purple jelly
  • Are You Jelly? – vivacious purple jelly
  • Isle See You Later – marine blue jelly
  • Keepin’ It Teal – totally turned up turquoise jelly

Enjoy more photos…








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