China Glaze Surprise Collection for Spring 2014

Hello beauties!

I invite you to take a quick peek at the upcoming China Glaze Surprise Collection launching in a couple of weeks. The new collection features six new nail lacquers with a glitter formula.



International Launch Date – March 2014

China Glaze Surprise Collection Spring 2014

Nail Lacquer – 15 ml/ 0.5 fl oz

  • 81839 Don’t be a Flake (combo large glitter black and pink with matte turquoise)
  • 81840 I’m a Go Glitter (combo large pink glitter with matted turquoise and lime green)
  • 81841 Create a Spark (combo black, pink and purple glitter)
  • 81842 Glimmer More (combo large pink glitter with orange and yellow matte)
  • 81843 Glitter Up (combo large purple glitter with orange and turquoise matte)
  • 81844 Shine-nanigans (combo large purple and pink glitter with lime green matte)

I will post more about China Glaze Surprise Collection when high-end promo photos will become available. Now that you took a first look at these promo swatches what do you think of this collection?


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  1. For the colour i prefer opi but i think this collection will be cool for the deco!!
    I like surprises like that 😉

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