China Glaze United Nail Polish – Review, Swatches & Photos

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About China Glaze United nail polish I talked before when I gave you a quick preview & swatches of China Glaze United In Purpose Nail Lacquers I received from China Glaze Romania a few weeks ago. This shade became my favorite from all of the three shades I received and is one of the most interesting and vibrant shades of China Glaze United In Purpose Collection (info & promo images).

I worn United nail polish in two coats for 4 days then I removed it and applied it over a black nail polish because I was so curious how it would look like. I usually like to test glitters and nail polishes with flakes over a black polish to capture a more intense color and because some of these glittery colors do pop over a black, white or a colorful polish. You can play with the color combinations because the possibilities are endless but usually my favorite choice is layering the glitter on top of darker polish.


Now and

China Glaze United Nail Polish (14 ml/ 0.5 fl oz for 24.00 Lei/ $8.00) is gorgeous mixture of holographic glitter of brown, gold, green and bronze particles. This color is honestly to beautiful to even try to describe it because for me it really resembles with a Christmas Tree multicolored globe or some glittery ornaments. Depending on the angle the light hits this color changes into a copper based polish with multicolored glitter or the gold and pink particles shine even more. It looks almost opaque in one coat with a nice shine and shimmer but a second coat gives a more intense color and multi glitter shine.

The formula is light but not watery so the application went smooth without polling, bubbling or streaking. I noticed it dries almost instantly so that’s another plus for this polish. Before applying China Glaze United I used Kinetics Nano Seal Base Coat & Therapy for Brittle Nails (review, nail swatches & photos) and after two good coats of glitter I sealed the color on five of my nails with Jordana Yellow Out Top Coat.

After wearing the color for 4 days I had minor tip wear on the nails were I applied top coat and the same bright multicolor glitter effect while on the nails without a top coat the polish faded noticeably especially on two of my nails.

As I said in the beginning I also test it United nail polish over a simple black cream polish and this time I choose Essence Colour&Go in #144 Black Is Black. The result was amazing, the color looks more intensified when I added two coats of United nail lacquer but I like it even with one coat because it gives a subtle nice shimmer. Most certainly that this will be my go-to nail polish for the upcoming holiday season and without a doubt I’m planning to wear it on Christmas and New Year’s Eve because it is such a festive shade.

The only thing I don’t like about this nail lacquer and I only noticed it after the fourth day is the difficulty it takes to remove it. I’m telling you, you should be prepared with a nail polish remover with acetone if you want to take this polish off your nails otherwise you will have to struggle really hard to remove it in case you use another nail polish remover. It took me about 5-7 minutes to have my nails completely polish free.

Enjoy more photos…

China Glaze United Nail Lacquer – one coat

China Glaze United Nail Lacquer – two coats

China Glaze United Nail Lacquer – two coats + top coat

China Glaze United Nail Lacquer – one coat over black polish

China Glaze United Nail Lacquer – two coats over black polish

China Glaze United Nail Lacquer – 4 days later – with top coat

China Glaze United Nail Lacquer – 4 days later – without top coat


    • Thank you Edwin! I’m really loving this color too, it’s looks ready for holiday. 🙂

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