Clinique Fall 2013 Makeup Collection – Preview

Hello beauties!

Here is a quick preview of what we are going to see in the Clinique Fall 2013 Makeup Collection. Apart from the new single and duo eyeshadows, Clinique will also launch the Ultra Radiance Primer, a few smoky eyeliners and Vitamin C lip smoothies along with new shades of lipsticks but the best part is the new eyeshadow palettes. The new makeup collection will be divided into two  parts, each of them being released a month apart from each other.



Japan Launch Date – 1 August 2013 – first part of the collection and 1 September 2013 the second part of the collection.

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The new Clinique Fall 2013 Eyeshadow Palettes will be available in four variations, each one including 4 new eyeshadows:

  • 10 Truffles
  • 13 Olivine
  • 14 Peacock Blue
  • 15 Purple Eggplant

The new All About Shadow Primer for Eyes is suitable for all skin tones and comes in 3 colors:

  • Very Fair
  • Moderately Fair
  • Medium and Deep



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    • All the palettes will be this pretty, can’t wait to see them up close. 🙂

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