Colin Farrell maddly in love

All the rumors that were circulating around earlier this month about Colin being married with Muireann McDonnell were false. 32-year-old actor has been seen on the LAX Airport wearing a ring on the finger of his left hand so everyone concluded that he was secretly married with the Irish student.

As we can see now, Colin has other plans for his love life, being involved with English novelist Emma Forrest for about six months. This new love has a very positive influence on him because the actor give-up the alcohol fuelled nights and parties just to spend the evenings with her.

A source confirms the rumors by telling:

Colin is a changed man. He has knocked the drinking on the head and is enjoying life in a completely different way. Emma has been a steadying influence. They have spent months trying to keep the relationship secret because they are falling madly in love. In the past, Colin has gone for stereotypical movie star girlfriends but Emma has offered him something completely different.

Could have Colin Farrell found the right girl for him? We shall see when he decide to finally settle down and tied the knot. A first step is that the “In Bruges” actor and Emma are planning to move together in Los Angeles. We shall see how the life-couple is working out in the near future.T

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