Collistar Gloss Design New Lip Gloss for Summer 2010

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I’m sure that most of you heard about Collistar Sun Kissed Collection for summer 2010 by now. One of products that got my attention was the new Gloss Design.

Collistar brings the new Gloss Design from April 2010 in all perfumeries and invites you to choose your favorite shade from all of those 14 beautiful colors. If you are one of those lip glosses fans you would probably wanna know more about the  new Gloss Design with immediate volume repulping effect + 25% and long-lasting brilliance.

The inspiration? Tthe latest trends in fashion and design. The colours? An explosion of pearl, metallic and lacquered shades with ultra-glossy finish The brand new Gloss Design, created by the Collistar make-up artists, is destined to become a true collectable must for those who enjoy experimenting with colour and creating stunning new looks. Following in the wake of Rossetto Design, with its high-tech formula and its unmistakable case inspired by the most futuristic skyscrapers, Gloss Design is characterized by a formula that is so technological and innovative that it guarantees a scientifically proven repulping effect which increases the volume of the lips by 25% in just one hour after application!

Instantly fuller, smoother and more sensual lips

An innovative combination of plant extracts and oils formulated by the Collistar Researchers gives the gloss an exceptional scientifically-proven moisturizing, repulping and anti-wrinkle power. The effect is boosted optically by the 3D finish of the gloss, which leaves on the lips a shiny transparent film with three-dimensional effect.

Long-lasting brilliance

Thanks to special ultra-brilliant polymers, once applied to the lips Gloss Design reflects the light, creating a high-impact visual effect and a shine that lasts for hours and hours.


The slender, elegant design of the case recalls the sinuous lines of Rossetto Design. Special attention has been given to the innovative applicator, an absolute exclusive by Collistar. Made in a shiny transparent material, it has a special flat ‘spatula’ in soft flock which allows an optimal dosing of the product for perfect application to the lips.

Functions of the active principles

• Extracts of Dictyopteris membranacea seaweed, ginger and myrrh and microspheres of wheat protein volume-building, smoothing, anti-wrinkle action.

• Sunflower oil, extract of lotus – moisturizing, nourishing, emollient action.


Increase in volume of lips + 25%

Increase in moisturization of lips + 33.2%

Decrease in volume of wrinkles 32%

Duration of brilliance 3 hours

The colour range

Gloss Design comes in three different colour palettes – pearl, chrome and lacquer – accompanied by a transparent overcoat.


They contain a high percentage (up to 50%) of pearly particles, creating an extraordinary ultra-sparkling effect.

  • ice pearl no. 2
  • azalea pearl no. 3
  • Orchid pearl no. 4
  • Raspberry pearl no. 5


A carefully-balanced mixture of coloured pigments and ultra-fine pearly particles creates a magical iridescent and metallic effect. The chrome range also includes two sunscreen glosses with SPF15.

  • Cameo chrome no. 6
  • Candy chrome no. 7
  • Pomegranate chrome no. 8
  • Purple chrome no. 9
  • Amber chrome ‘sun effect’ SPF 15 no. 13
  • Copper chrome ‘sun effect’SPF 15 no. 14


They are characterized by an ultra-rich texture which leaves a super-glossy lacquer effect film on the lips.

  • Bare lacquer no. 10
  • Mahogany lacquer no. 11
  • Red lacquer no. 12


An ultra-shiny, all-purpose gloss, perfect either on its own or over lipstick for an extra glossy and repulping effect.

  • Transparent no.1

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  1. I love it; I was in Riccione, Italy in July and bought #4 and regret not having bought more. I’m trying to find it now here in NYC and can’t. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Lisa! Unfortunately I don’t know anything about Colliostar being available in the U.S.. You can try buying them from internet if you know any website that sells Collistar products.

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