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Hello beauties!

Collistar launches Spring Summer 2013 Happy Birthday Collection in order to celebrate their 30th anniversary and dedicates this collection as a tribute to all the women who have been Collistar’s fans and customers.


The party is about to commence…Let the game of metamorphosis begin! In 2013 Collistar will be thirty years old, and celebrating along with it will be all the women who have always loved and followed the company. To these women, then, we dedicate the new Spring-Summer 2013 make-up collection Happy Birthday!


International Launch Date – February 2013 at Douglas, Sephora and online

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Collistar Spring Summer 2013 Happy Birthday Collection

Anniversary Palette Perfect Eyes – Limited Edition – €29.70

For a creative and transformable eye make-up Collistar presents this exclusive palette on the occasion of its 30th anniversary. A complete kit for an ultra-versatile pret-à-porter make-up, composed of: 3 Eye Liners/ Eye Shadows, 2 specific applicators and one Eye Primer Long-Lasting Fixer.

  • #01 Smoky Trendy
  • #02 Smoky Chic

Satin Eyeshadow Primer + Colour – Permanent – €15.80

Eyeshadow saturated with colour and incredibly versatile, in powders so soft and silky that they can be blended to infinity, providing finishes with special effects. High-tension colours, full, deep and strictly satin, with long-lasting hold. This is the new Satin Eyeshadow primer+colour, which combines the smoothing and lifting action typical of a primer with a full and even colour performance.

Icon Lipstick Gold – Limited Edition – €23.10

Limited reedition of Rossetto Puro, a lipstick created by Collistar in 1991 in collaboration with glass artist Susanna Sent from Murano. A must have and a great success for the brand. A mixture of art and beauty, with a new formula: a demi-rouge lipstick with six amazing shades and a glossy effect.

  • #01 Petal Pink
  • #02 Nude Pink
  • #03 Magenta
  • #04 Cherry
  • #05 Peach Flower
  • #06 Icon Pink

Perfect Nails Enamel – Limited Edition – €14.15

Absolutely perfect nail polish:
  • ultra-resistant and exceptionally long-lasting wear
  • quick and easy to apply, thanks to the special ‘professional’ flat brush that ensures maximum control
  • perfect coverage right from the first stroke
  • extraordinarily quick drying
  • patented formula with nail hardener and vitamins A and E to protect, nourish and reinforce the nails.

Top Coat Gel & Volume Effect + Art Pen Nail Decoration – New – €15.95

TOP COAT gel & volume effect: gives shine and an incredible volume effect thanks to its extraordinary gel formula. Use alone for “mirror effect” transparency or over nail enamel to increase the brilliance and hold of the colour.
ART PEN nail decoration: perfect for creating, in just a few strokes, fantastic decorations or an elegant French manicure for hands and feet. Use under the Top Coat either on bare nails or over dry nail enamel.

Eye Primer Long-Lasting Fixer – New – €18.15

The new Eye Primer Long-lasting Fixer guarantees an absolutely perfect result. This ultra-soft base with its comfortable, sensory touch, is quick to apply, adheres like a second skin and dries in seconds, allowing you to apply eye shadow immediately. When should you use it? Always, because it increases the hold of the eye shadow, smoothes out and reduces imperfections, prevents unsightly ‘creases’ and exalts the colour. Available in one single beige shade suitable for all complexions, it should be applied with the fingertips or a small brush over the whole lid. Try it on its own also to give the eyes a radiant look. The product is ophthalmologically tested.

Lip Primer Fixer – New – €18.15

The new Lip Primer makes it easier to apply and fix the lipstick and prolongs its hold. In addition, it smoothes out the surface, instantly minimizing wrinkles and small imperfections. The formula is rich and complete, designed to enhance to the full the beauty and health of the lips, thanks to a rich cocktail of hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, almond oil, jojoba oil and shea butter. The product fixes, smoothes and fills in the lips with a ‘filler effect’. In fact, it immediately creates an invisible film that increases and prolongs the hold of the lipstick, making it impeccable. Then, the waxes contained in the formula smooth and elasticize the surface. Lastly, hyaluronic acid replumps and fills in the lips, making them plumper and fuller. The filler effect is boosted by the addition of spherical powders that optically minimize wrinkles and imperfections.

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