Complexion with problems? Vichy NormaDerm could be the answer you are looking for!

Sometimes not even the makeup removal lotion, not even the expensive treatments or natural remedies can fix the complexion’s problems. Did you ever thought about changing your face cream with one that is specially designed for skin with problems?

Normaderm Hydrating Cream

What is the cause of the problems?

Probably is not much of a consolation for you to know that you are not the only one facing the problem with dilated pores, shiny complexion, eruptions and many other problems specific skin problems, which seems to be solving at a point but they are coming back despite your cleansing ritual. Vichy specialists verdict is: guilty are the nervous terminations that get in contact with the sebaceous glands, producing it an excessive irritability.

Attack on two fronts

Because a double action was needed, Vichy Laboratories have developed a performance formula: purifying at the surface and anti-irritation in depth. At the surface, Zincadone + reconstructs a healthy epidermis, while, inside the pores, Intrapore Technology stimulates the release of calming and purifying agents. Least, but not last, a complementary active ingredient, extremely important is Vichy Thermal Water fortifying and calming, enriched with rare minerals. All this can be found in the Hydrating Cream ( 50 ml – 15$ ) specially created for skin with problems Normaderm.

I would like to say another thing: often, the products used in treating skin problems have a heavy smell and a not very friendly texture, which makes their application difficult and especially their inclusion into a makeup ritual.

Is not the case of Normaderm cream which, thanks to its pleasant and easy-absorbing texture, can be applied easily all over the face. The most important thing is that by using this cream, the skin problems, even the ones that come back regular, are reduced with 50%. This means a clear skin, without main imperfections, less pimples, pores reduces, shine – only as much as you want, exactly the answer to your questions.

A correct ritual

It’s wrong to consider that your complexion doesn’t need cleansing in the morning, only because you removed your makeup in the evening. The sebum works also night shifts and will act while you sleep. Wash your face very good in the morning ( preferably with a product that will complete the action of cream), and only then apply the Normaderm Hydrating Cream, gently massaging your complexion with circular motions.

Normaderm gel


The cream will work better if it will act on a clean skin. Wet your face and neck, then massage the Normaderm Deep Cleansing Gel, insisting on your forehead, nose and cheekbones, until you will have a foam. Wash with some warm water and that’s it, the skin pores are deeply cleaned!

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