Denim makeup – Saturday night makeup proposal


Once with Denim madness was created the term Denim make-up. By definition: Denim Make-up is the makeup technique that enhances the outfit made at least of one item of jeans.

After I tried to define  (successfully or not) this very trendy makeup in 2009, now lets talk about it. I know it’s kind of  bold makeup to try out if you are not used to use lots of makeup around the eyes. I also prefer more natural makeups but from time to time I like to go crazy and use some dramatic makeup. Come on is Saturday night, give it a try.

We need shades of gray and blue. Definitely  metallic.The kohl crayon and eyeliner are also absolutely necessary. Start by coloring all the lid with a dark blue and the brow bone with a very light gray. Don’t be shy and use a lot of color. The result will be one to match. Use the Kohl crayon around the eye and in the end the eyeliner for the final touch. Finally apply mascara, but be careful and do not exaggerate, because the effect is given by the makeup. Lipstick has to be nude and matte, avoid the gloss.

You will finally get a Glam Rock perfect makeup for a Saturday night outfit!

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