Dior-JazzClub Collection – Makeup trends fall-winter 2009-2010


Dior has resumed its makeup fall-winter 2009-2010 trends to JazzClub Collection. This collection conjures the ambiance of Hollywood around the early 30′ with an accent on the violet shades on the eyes, lips or nails. Plum’s variants bring sophistication to the eyes wrapped in the mystery smoke.

Dior JazzClub Collection was inspired directly by the Dior Couture JazzClub line. This collections was specially designed for a day-to-evening lifestyle and wrapped into those refined cases that offers the basics to make-up eyes: eyebrow powder, eyeshadows, eyeliner and a top coat.

1 – Color Extreme ( 27.50 $)

  • Trendy Taupe
  • Argentic

5 – Color Eyeshadow ( 56 $)

  • Night Butterfly

2 – Color Eyeshadow (35 $)

  • Cocktail Look

Ultra – Gloss Reflect (25.50 $)

  • Taffeta Plum
  • Draped Burgundy

Dior Addict Lipcolor ( 26 $)

  • Neglige Pink
  • Decadent Plum

Creme de Gloss ( 26 $)

  • Sweet Praline
  • Rose Nectar

Dior Vernis (20 $)

  • Red Dahlia ( available only in Sephora)
  • Black Plum


  • Brow Styler in Universal Brown (28 $)
  • Diorliner in Plum (31 $)
  • Dior Contour in Thrilling Plum (26 $)





For this kind of makeup you also need a special perfume that goes well with the early atmosphere of the 30′. My top two recommendations are:

  • Noir Epices by Frédéric Malle which smells like an explosion of spice. Michel Roudnitska combined the top notes of orange, rose and geranium with the middle notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper and cloves, leaving sandalwood, patchouli and cedar at the end of notes.  You can find this amazing fragrance available at 50ml for about 120 $.
  • Noir de Noir by Tom Ford a black rose liquor combines the notes of patchouli,  saffron, roses and vanilla making this fragrance well balanced and never too much. It’s available on 50ml  for 165$.

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