Dior Makeup Collection for Fall 2010 – Information + Photos

Hi everyone!

Today I have another news for you. We get to see one of the most expected makeup collection for Fall 2010. Well, Dior seemed to have released some information and photos about their upcoming collection so lets check them out. 🙂

For me this collection is just perfect since pink and purple are among my top favorite shades so if you feel the same you shouldn’t miss this collection.

Seductive makeup for eyes with big long and curled lashes while the lips have a delicious plum color. As always, Dior creates one of the most beautiful promo photos while the model is wearing an elegant and bold makeup.

The new collection will be available starting August 2010.

After the jump check out the entire collection information and promo photos.

Two Colors Edition Collector – $ 38.00

Available in one color combination with black and silver shades and Dior pattern.

5 Colors Designer Palette – $ 58.00

Available in one new combination:

  • 808 Pink Design

5 Colors Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition – $ 58.00

Also available in a new combination:

  • 844 Misty Mauve

Serum de Rouge – $ 32.00

Will be available in 5 new shades:

  • Pearly Pink
  • Radiant Pink
  • Pink Diva
  • Ruby
  • Plum

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss – $ 26.50

Available in 3 colors.

Dior Addict Lipstick – $ 26.00

Available in 4 new shades.

Diorshow 360 Mascara

Available in one color:

  • 090 Black

Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum

Are you looking forward this collection? What do you think about the eyeshadow palettes? 🙂


  1. Is there any news if they will have a cheek/face product. Like a blush or shimmerskin powder?

    • Hi Hailey! I don’t know anything yet about any blush of face powder but I will surely update the post when I’ll know more. Recent news is there are going to be 2 nail polishes, but no photos yet.

  2. This is a nice collection. I love the lip product the model’s wearing, the color’s beauutiful. And I hope to see some face/cheek products included in this collection too.

  3. Does any body know what shade the model is wearing in the ads for the new Dior Rouge lipstick that started running in magazines in August? It’s the one wear she has the rose petals around one of her eyes. It’s a lovely plumy pink shade. I checked with my Dior counter and they said it was part of the new collection and hasn’t been shipped to them yet. She may have been full of malarky and just didn’t know. I hate when they don’t put the “model is wearing…” info on the ad. Help!

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