Dior Spring 2017 Addict Lacquer Stick Collection

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I’m back with new information and more photos regarding one of the hottest spring 2017 launches that we talked about the other day. Dior Addict Lacquer Stick collection is waiting to be released next month and honestly I can’t wait to try out its new gel texture with a burst of color. I told you about the new formula that contains a blend of 5 oils and beeswax that will comfort and nourish your lips.

The new lipstick. Saturated colour. Liquified shine. Ink wear effect.


International Launch Date – beginning March 2017

Dior Addict Lacquer Stick Spring 2017

As I mentioned before, the collection is divided into four categories: Neon features 5 shades, inspired by the fruit Milk Shake, sky and sea, Neon features 4 shades and is inspired by the advertising signs of the roofs and streets, Classic gathers 5 shades inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood while Wild contains 5 shades, inspired by the wild and rich in Los Angeles.

What comes as a surprise is that several shades will vary from country to country. While in Asia there will be a certain combination of shades, in Europe or Russia we will find different names, while U.S. will definitely have its own combination of colors. There will be common colors but some of them will be exclusive to certain countries. You can check out my previous article HERE and find different shades.

  • 924 Sauvage
  • 984 Dark Flower
  • 867 Sulfurous
  • 740 Club
  • 857 Hollywood Red
  • 757 American Girl
  • 877 Turn Me Dior
  • 744 Party Red
  • 677 Indie Rose
  • 684 Diablo
  • 794 Gamer
  • 674 K-Kiss
  • 564 Melrose
  • 554 West Coast
  • 457 Palm Beach
  • 487 Bubble
  • 447 Sun Valley
  • 550 Tease

Dior Vernis Nail Polish

  • 550 Tease
  • 684 Diablo
  • 877 Turn Me Dior
  • 924 Sauvage

Enjoy more photos…

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