Essence Aquatix Fall 2014 Collection

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Let’s take a look at the new Essence Aquatix Fall 2014 Collection which features makeup and nail products in marine shades of blue, turquoise and even violet.


Underwater beauty! essence is diving into the depths of the ocean with the trend edition “aquatix”. The beauty pieces in this trend edition are as gorgeous as the colors of crystal clear water glittering in the sun and are sure to turn all girls into stylish mermaids! The color scheme consists of various blue nuances, aquatic turquoise as well as rosé and fuchsia. Combined with trendy products with glitter effects and a shimmer finish, the colors are reminiscent of the sparkling surface of the sea. In addition to cool eyeshadow sticks, highlights include the mermaid nail stickers with a surprising cracked fish scale design and a shimmering body gel with microfine glitter particles that give your skin a beautiful, summery glow. Take a refreshing dip in the cool water… with essence!


U.S. Launch Date – August 2014 at ULTA and online

International Launch Date – August 2014 exclusively to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, France, South Africa, Russia, the Philippines, Panama.

Essence Aquatix Fall 2014 Collection

Eyeshadow Stick – New – €2.49

Reef experience! The highly pigmented, water-resistant eyeshadows in a practical pen shape create an ultra glossy finish on your eyes – in rosé, light blue or turquoise. The formula is enriched with glitter particles and is super easy to apply thanks to its soft texture.

  • 01 Pearls are a girl’s best friend
  • 02 Under the sea
  • 03 Mermaid’s secret

Glitter Eyeliner – New – €2.29

Deep blue sea! The texture of the crystal eyeliner has a large proportion of pigments to create longlasting, glittering eyeliner looks in turquoise and blue – perfect for trendy mermaids. The eyeliner can also be used to set glamorous highlights on the tips of your lashes. The brush applicator ensures an accurate application.

  • 01 Aquatix bay
  • 02 Mermaid’s secret

Jelly Lip Gloss – New – €1.99

Dive in… the longlasting, gel-based texture of the jelly lipgloss feels lovely and pleasant on your lips and creates beautiful glitter effects that sparkle in the sun. Welcome to Atlantis!

  • 01 Under water love
  • 02 Pearls are a girl’s best friend

Shimmer Pearls – New – €3.29

Shiny shell! The powder in the shape of pretty little pearls unites three different colors. Thanks to the light color dispersion, it gives your complexion a fresh look with a touch of shimmer. The cute “aquatix” container is lovely to look at and opens and closes really easily.

  • 01 Oceans next top mermaid

Mini Powder Brush – New – €2.49

Beautiful bay! The practical mini powder brush is ideal for applying the shimmer pearls and is sure to fit into any purse. The soft bristles perfectly capture the texture and spread it smoothly on your skin.

  • 01 Mermaid’s secret

Aquatix Nail Polish – New – €1.99

Under the sea… from fuchsia to rosé to aquatic turquoise and various blue shades – your nails are sure to shine in the most beautiful colors of the underwater world. On top, each color has a different effect. Whether glitter, sand, holographic or a chameleon look – the longlasting nail polishes with a high coverage ensure exciting nail styles.

  • 01 Mermaid’s secret
  • 02 Pearls are a girl’s best friend
  • 03 Aquatix bay
  • 04 Under the sea
  • 05 Finding dori
  • 06 Under water love

Mermaid Nail Sticker – New – €1.99

Mermaid manicure! These innovative nail stickers are inspired by the sparkling world beneath the sea: simply stick on, file into the desired shape and then paint your nails. The foil will react to the nail polish instantly and crack open to create unique fish scale styles. An absolute must-have for all “aquatix” girls.

  • 01 Pearls are a girl’s best friend

All Over Body Shimmer – New – €2.79

Sparkle like the ocean! Thanks to microfine glitter pigments, the shimmer gel gives your skin a subtle glow. Easy to wash off and with a pleasant fragrance, it’s a true eye-catcher on any occasion.

  • 01 Oceans next top mermaid

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