Essence Black & White Collection for Spring 2011 – Information, Photos, Prices

Hi everyone!

Introducing one of the most popular trends from the international catwalks: The Black & White look! In all combinations, shapes and patterns and, above all, for your make-up! Essence begins the year with the awesome “Black & White” trend edition – a breathtaking range of products that provide extraordinary styles with just two colors! Graphical designs and contrasting black and white shades give every look that extra special touch for a guaranteed trendy start to the year!


Official Launch Date – between January – February 2011 – Limited Edition

Check out the entire collection right after the cut, as well as close-up photos.

Black & White mono eyeshadow – Limited Edition – Eur 1.59

A cool design, a cool style! Two intense mono eyeshadows – in black and white, of course – with a softly shimmering pearl effect create unique accents for your eye make-up. For an expressive look and a great appearance at the next party!

Available in 2 shades:

  • 01 Black Out
  • 02 White Hype

Black & White duo eye pencil – Limited Edition – Eur 1.99

Would you prefer shimmering highlights or deep-black accents? The duo eye pencil makes it easy to achieve both in the twinkling of an eye! You can conjure-up beautiful effects with the pearly white end and use the black end to emphasize your eyes and give them added depth. Who can possibly resist you now?

Available in one shade:

  • 01 Dare for 2

Black & White false lashes – Limited Edition – Eur 2.49

The coolest lashes are black & white, ultra-long and fluttery in true 1960’s style! These false lashes come in two different designs for a great look at the start of the year! Little individual lashes add volume and the false lashes with the white tips are the ultimate party must-have of the winter season!

Available in 2 combinations:

  • Black eyed piece (single)
  • Let the show begin

Black & White lip pencil – Limited Edition – Eur 1.49

A true highlight! Create fabulous effects on your lips with the new black & white lip pencils. Use the daring black or cool white with a slightly shimmering finish to perfectly complement your awesome black & white look.

Available in 2 shades:

  • 01 Black Out
  • 02 White hype

Black & White nail polish – Limited Edition – Eur 1.79

Neither matt nor glossy – these new black & white nail polishes have a soft touch effect! No matter whether you go for black or white – it’s sure to give your black & white styling that extra special touch.

Available in 2 colors:

  • 01 Black Out
  • 02 White Hype

Black & White top coat – Limited Edition – Eur 1.79

Exciting, unusual, different: totally black & white à la essence! The top coat with a white holographic appearance gives your nails a special look. An absolute must-have in white for extra extravagance this winter!

Available in:

  • 01 White Holo

Black & White nail fashion sticker – Limited Edition – Eur 1.99

Now you can conjure the popular cracked look to your nails faster and easier than ever before! Absolutely no waiting times and guaranteed to be error-free – simply select your favorite image, stick onto clean nail and file into shape using the nail file.

Available in 2 variations:

  • 01 Envy my nails
  • 02 Paralyzed

Black & White nail fashion file – Limited Edition – Eur 1.29

Create the ultimate nail design in just a few seconds: The nail fashion file in a gorgeous black and white design is an essential accessory for perfect nails! It files the nail fashion stickers to the desired length in an instant to complete your amazing black & white look.

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You know I always liked Essence products, and the prices are super affordable. What do you girls think about these products?


  1. Hmm, I don’t know if I like this collection too much…kinda boring to me. I do like those false eyelashes though with the white tips! But I don’t see myself wearing those anywhere out of the house! lol I would probably pass on this, I like bright colors.

  2. I don’t realy like black&white make-up products except the black eyeliner and white eyeshadow but i think the blak eyeshadow is nice 2…

  3. I like black and white but this collection seems a bit boring/limited to me. I mean most girls already have black and white shadows and polishes in their stasht cause those stuff is a basic thing, so I think I pass this time.

  4. I understand why a lot of people will think this collection is boring. But I’m starting to get some ideas for a very mod, monochrome FOTD.

  5. Black and white makeup side by side looks interesting, there could be some looks in this somewhere. Maybe on a rainy day, mixed to get grey.

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