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Berlin is unique. Capital city, cosmopolitan city and – thanks to the Fashion Week – it has also become a world-famous fashion metropolish in recent years! So why not develop a trend edition dedicated to the glorious Spree River city that constantly reinvents itself? That’s exactly what Yasmin Teufert, the lucky winner of the Essence “Be a Trendmaker” competition, thought!

The new Spring 2011 Collection I love Berlin was created in close collaboration with Essence and reflects the huge diversity of trends straight out of the magnificent city of Berlin. The extremely cool, bright products with a stylish design are a true declaration of love to this awesome city. Let them whisk you away on an ultra-special city tour of Berlin!


Between January – February 2011 – in beauty shops – Limited Edition

Keep reading to find out more about the products included in this collection.

Essence  I love Berlin Collection for Spring 2011

I love Berlin Liquid Eyeliner – Limited Edition – Eur 1.99

One eyeliner that offers endless styling variations: the liquid eyeliner is available in five expressive colors to ensure the right look for every occasion. Thanks to its slim brush, an accurate line is super easy to apply. For eyes as fascinating as the city of Berlin! Available in 5 shades:

  • 01 Love this city
  • 02 Green grass
  • 03 Buddy bear
  • 04 Berlin story
  • 05 I’m a Berliner

I love Berlin Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition – Eur 3.49

This eyeshadow palette with nine different colors ensures the ultimate Berlin look and is as diverse as the city of Berlin itself! Whether you’re heading out for a tour of the city or off on a wild night of partying: the combination options are endless so you’re guaranteed to make a perfect appearance wherever you go!

Available in:

  • 01 Style Victim

I love Berlin Gel Relaxing Eye Pads – Limited Edition – Eur 2.49

After an exciting and exhausting day exploring the city, what could be nicer than taking a relaxing time-out and replenishing your energy? The practical eye pads with a cool lash application put the sparkle back into tired eyes! Simply chill in the fridge and then place on your eyes, lie back and dive into another world – soon you’ll be in great enough shape to visit the Fashion Week!

Available in:

  • 01 Cool Down

I love Berlin Lip Balm – Limited Edition – Eur 1.99

The big city can be frosty and cold in January. Thanks to the new I love Berlin lip balm, your lips will be protected so they’ll feel soft and smooth despite the cold temperatures! A nice little side effect: the subtle shine conjures-up a cheeky Berlin smile.

Available in 2 shades:

  • 01 Love this city
  • 02 City lights

I love Berlin Nail Polish – Limited Edition – Eur 1.79

Stylish, extravagant and extremely fashionable – typical Berlin! That’s how the new super glossy nail polishes are presented. Five sensational bright colors add that certain little something to every look! No matter whether you visit Check-Point Charly, the Brandenburg Gate or the Triumphal Column – with these nail polishes, you’ll be the biggest tourist attraction!

Available in 5 colors:

  • 01 Love this city
  • 02 I’m a Berliner
  • 03 Green grass
  • 04 Buddy bear
  • 05 Berlin story

I love Berlin Matt Tip Painter – Limited Edition – Eur 1.99

It’s nothing new that Berlin is a fashion hot spot. But even the trendy people of Berlin will be amazed when they see the new matt tip painter! Either apply it to the tips of your nails combined with the desired color in the traditional way or let your creativity run wild Berlin style and conjure-up great effects on your nails!

Available in 2 shades:

  • 01 Berlin story
  • 02 Green grass

I love Berlin Studio Fashion Nails – Limited Edition – Eur1.99

Look like you’ve painted a piece of the Berlin Wall on your nails! The nail fashion stickers in the I love Berlin graffiti style is the ultimate extra touch for trendy, stylish nails! Simply apply the adhesive stickers to your nails and then file down any overhanging corners with the file. Berlin, here I come!

Available in:

  • 01 Berli-nail
  • 02 Berlin calling

I love Berlin Studio Nail Fashion File – Limited Edition – Eur 1.29

It doesn’t just help you achieve the perfect nail style – this practical nail file with a cool Berlin design is a loyal companion when you’re on the road. Never venture into the urban jungle of Berlin without it! Thanks to its handy pocket format, the studio nail fashion file is sure to fit into any purse so it’s always close at hand in case of a nail emergency!

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  1. Oh wow, I love, love, love this collection! All the pretty bright colors! Where do they sell this? I don’t think they have it here. 🙁

  2. I love love love this collection, the polishes, the tip painters and the palette looks really great, can’t wait for thi to hit stores:D

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