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London, Rome, New York, Rio de Janeiro –summertime is travel season! Whether you’re going on a last-minute trip in Europe or travelling to far-away countries or even around the world: with the new Essence Ready for Boarding Collection for summer 2012, you can welcome that yearning desire to travel. These practical little travel products simply have to come along, no matter how full your suitcase is! So go pack those bags, head through the security check and get ready for take-off!


International – June & July 2012 at Essence counters and Muller Drugstores

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Essence Ready for Boarding Summer 2012 Makeup Collection

Ready for Boarding Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition

Make sure you’ve brought this along in your bag when you check in at the airport: the cool eyeshadow palette has a post stamp design and contains six fresh and shimmering summer eyeshadow colors. Also included in the case: a super practical dual-applicator – for different and exciting looks wherever you are.

  • #01 Beauty on Tour

Ready for Boarding 2 in 1 Kajal Pencil – Limited Edition

“Last call for passenger kajal pencil – please head to gate 2in1 immediately!” With two contrasting yet harmonious color combinations in brown-grey and yellow-blue, these kajal pencils are super practical and are sure to turn every outfit into an eye-catcher.

  • #01 Destination Sunshine
  • #02 Via Airmail!

Ready for Boarding Lip & Cheek Cream – Limited Edition

Time zones and jet-lag? Not with the lip & cheek cream in two fantastic colors! You can use it to give your lips and cheeks a fresh touch. Simply apply straight after arrival to freshen up and hide any traces of those hours spent on the plane.

  • #01 Sending You Kisses
  • #02 Beauty On Tour

Ready for Boarding Peel Off Base Coat – Limited Edition

On and off! With the brand new peel off base coat, it’s ok if you have to get things done fast. After application, the milky white texture turns transparent and provides the ideal basis for your vacation nail polish color! To remove your nail polish, all you have to do is peel it off. Then you can apply a fresh layer of base coat before covering it with a new favorite nail polish shade to go with each outfit and look. A great side-effect: you’ll never have trouble with your nail polish remover during the hand luggage security check again.

  • #01 Carry Me Home!

Ready for Boarding Nail Polish – Limited Edition

The excitement is rising: the fasten-seatbelt signs are on, the flight attendant is giving the final safety instructions and the plane is rolling towards the runway. A quick glance at your nails and you’re sure: yes, I’m ready for this vacation! Because the five ultra-glossy nail polishes with great coverage and trendy colors won’t just cause a sensation on the plane, they’re sure to put you in the mood for the beach, too!

  • #01 Sending You Kisses
  • #02 Beauty On Tour
  • #03 Exits On Your Right
  • #04 Via Airmail!
  • #05 Destination Sunshine

Ready for Boarding Cosmetic Bag – Limited Edition

I’m packing my bag and taking along… this cute cosmetics bag in a postcard design! It helps you keep your travel utensils and favorite products together so you can store them safely in your suitcase. With a practical zipper and decorated with cute little applications.

  • #01 Carry Me Home!

Ready for Boarding Luggage Tag – Limited Edition

Destination sunshine, time to head to your favorite holiday location! Now all that’s missing is your bag… one black suitcase after another appears on the baggage conveyer belt, but with the stylish dark blue luggage tag, you don’t have to worry about mix-ups anymore!

  • #01 Carry Me Home!

Ready for Boarding Hand & Body Wipes – Limited Edition

Feel like freshening up? Here come the fabulously refreshing hand & body wipes in a practical re-sealable packaging. What’s inside? 15 wet wipes for your face and body so you can stay fresh while you travel. With a summery, fruity pomegranate scent.

  • #01 Destination Sunshine

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