Essence Spring/ Summer 2013 Pure Skin Collection – Official Info & Photos

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Essence relaunches their Pure Skin Collection adding a couple of new products and changing the packaging and design for all the permanent products. Due to be launched next month as a spring/summer 2013 skincare collection, the new line features two new products and 8 repromote ones.


The range will be presented with a brand new packaging. We have combined the familiar and refreshing pure skin-blue with bold colors for a cool and eye-catching design. The perfectly aligned products in the pure skin care range offer everything you need – cleansing, care and coverage – to give you a pampered and radiant-looking complexion, specially developed for problematic skin. Thanks to highly effective formulas and the dermatologically tested Cleardem Complex containing salicylic acid, zinc PCA and other anti-bacterial properties, problem zones and impurities no longer stand a chance. Additional ingredients such as allantoin and bisabolol relax and calm young, stressed problem skin. The products in the pure skin range have a clarifying, antiinflammatory and pore-refining effect and help you get rid of unsightly pimples and blackheads for good. Effortless and easy to use, your complexion will look wonderfully pampered and radiantly beautiful with pure skin!


International Launch Date – April 2013 at Muller perfumeries and dedicated beauty shops

Romania Launch Date – This collection won’t be available in Romania

Discover the entire collection right after the break.

Essence SS 2013 Pure Skin Collection

Anti-Shine Pore Refining Serum – New – €3.49

Triple power! This serum is a true all-rounder and the perfect basis for your daily skin care routine. The fast-absorbing formula with our CLEARDERM COMPLEX regulates sebum production and frees the skin of excess oil. The serum visibly refines pores, controls shine and actively battles pimples and blackheads. A highly effective new addition to the popular pure skin range for a smooth and silky complexion. Here’s how it
works: simply apply on freshly cleansed skin underneath your usual face cream. Effectiveness dermatologically confirmed.

Anti-Spot Cover Cream – New – €3.29

Undercover… The natural-looking tinted cream with our CLEARDERM COMPLEX has a double effect: it quickly and efficiently battles impurities and offers targeted coverage for individual pimples and red areas of skin at the same time! Simply apply on the affected areas, blend softly and enjoy your flawless complexion. Effectiveness dermatologically confirmed.

Anti-Spot Wash Gel – Repromote

For a little more purity every day: the essence pure skin antispot wash gel cleanses your skin down to the pores and is perfectly suitable for daily use thanks to its super gentle formula. This way, impurities don’t stand a chance! Use in the morning and in the evening to thoroughly free your face of make-up and dirt. Effectiveness dermatologically confirmed.

Anti-Spot 4 in 1 Cream Wash – Repromote

Multifunctional! The essence pure skin anti-spot 4in1 cream wash can be used for daily cleansing or as a peeling or mask. And it has a quadruple effect against impurities of the skin: it thoroughly cleanses your skin, removes blackheads, leads to a matt complexion and refines your pores. All’s well that ends well. Simply pure skin! Effectiveness dermatologically confirmed.

Toner & Powder – Repromote

The effective anti-spot toner is enriched with powder for the ideal finish to your face cleansing ritual. It effectively battles unpopular pimples and blackheads, improves the appearance of your skin and has a long-lasting mattifying effect thanks to its powder ingredients. Simply shake and apply – for a perfect pure and matt complexion! Effectiveness dermatologically confirmed.

Anti-Spot Moisturizer – Reprmote

Young, impure skin requires extremely light and non-greasy moisturizing care. This gentle moisturizer with the highly effective CLEARDERM COMPLEX not only offers skin the ideal amount of moisture, it battles impurities in a targeted manner and reduces new breakouts at the same time. Effectiveness dermatologically confirmed.

Purifying Nose Strips – Repromote

The practical nose-strips quickly and thoroughly free the pores on your nose from blackheads and excess sebum. Simply moisten your skin, apply the strip and press down, wait and remove – now those pesky impurities are gone! Effectiveness dermatologically confirmed.

Purifying Face Strips – Repromote

The popular purifying strips are now also available for your forehead and chin! With a subtle scent and optimal adhesive power, they free your skin of blackheads, dirt and oil – without compromise. Simply moisten the already cleansed area of your face, apply the strips, press, wait and remove – now your skin is clean right down to the pores! Effectiveness dermatologically confirmed.

SOS Spot Killer – Repromote

Pure skin while you sleep! There it is again – just when you least expect it… a pimple! But now there’s a secret weapon specially for emergencies: the essence pure skin SOS spot killer! The innovative 2-phase formula with our CLEARDERM COMPLEX is super fast and effective as it dries out spots overnight to battle skin impurities. Shake before use, apply on the affected areas after cleansing in the evening, leave on overnight and simply rinse off again in the morning. Effectiveness dermatologically confirmed.

Anti-Spot Gel

A gentle yet highly effective helper for a fast and targeted elimination of impurities. The transparent gel is applied directly on the pimples for a pleasant cooling effect. It dries fast and makes the little troublemakers disappear just as quickly as they arrived. Ideal for on-the-go thanks to its practical size. Effectiveness dermatologically confirmed.

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