Essence Spring Summer 2013 Show Your Feet Collection – Official Info & Photos

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I hope you are in the mood for some fresh info regarding Essecen’s new collections because I have two upcoming collections for you. The popular Essence Show Your Feet Line has now a new design but also a couple of new products.


The cool new design of the popular Essence Show Your Feet range is sure to awaken your feet from their winter slumber! The fresh design of the packaging with bright pink and purple colors creates a good mood all-round. From now on, it’s high season for gorgeous, pampered feet again! Whether you’re looking for trendy nail stickers, hot nail polish colors, awesome helpers for secure grip in your favorite heels or protection from pressure points in your shoes – show your feet has it all! And if you do end up with a blister, there are various plasters to ease the pain. In addition to new styles and a trendy design, these products also offer ideal care: special formulas and valuable ingredients provide your feet with the moisture and care they need. This way, your feet will look so gorgeous, you can proudly present your trendiest highheels !


International Launch Date – April 2013 at Muller perfumeries and local beauty shops

Romania Launch Date – This collection won’t be available in Romania

Discover the new collection right after jump.

Essence SS 2013 Show Your Feet Collection

Super-Soft Toe Separator – New – €1.49

For the perfect pedicure! The show your feet super-soft toe separator. Its soft latex material adapts to the shape of your toes, separates them optimally and makes the application of nail polish easier than ever. This way, your feet are sure to be true eye-catchers!

Soft Dry Gel Shoe Pads – New – €2.99

Feel as if you’re walking on clouds – even in your favorite highheels! Not a problem with the new soft dry gel shoe pads. The pads have a particularly soft surface to offer your feet optimal grip and comfort. Whether you’re wearing pumps or high-heel sandals, you don’t have to worry about blisters, burning or pressure points anymore. Here’s how it works: place the gel pad in your shoe with the tip pointing towards the heel, press down lightly and you’re done! Simply rinse under clear water for multiple use.

Nail Polish – €1.99

In high demand – the show your feet toe nail polishes are available in four new, trendy colors. Bright red, electrifying blue, fresh pink and soft mint are guaranteed to put you in the mood for gorgeous nail styles. The extra long-lasting texture with fantastic coverage has been specially developed for toe nails and ensures perfect polish application with just one stroke of the brush! Available in four new colors from April onwards and a total of eight colors.

  • Divalicous Red – (Repromote)
  • Catwalk Pink – (Repromote)
  • Flamingo Rosa – (Repromote)
  • Mint Cream – soft mint (New)
  • Miss Lavendel – (Repromote)
  • Mermaid – bright red (New)
  • Electric Blue – electrifying blue (New)
  • Pink Candy – fresh pink (New)

 Nail Sticker – Repromote

Nail polish on its own just doesn’t do it for you anymore? Then it’s high time to reach for these nail stickers! Two new designs with trendy blossom and butterfly images are sure to turn your toe nails into ultimate eye-catchers. The self-adhesive toe nail stickers create an extravagant nail style!

2 Step Foot Softner – Repromote

Two-step action to gorgeous pampered feet – easy to achieve in just a few simple steps with the 2 step foot softener. First, carefully remove calluses and hard skin with the rough side and then gently polish the skin using the fine file. For super soft feet. Use on dry skin.

Intensive Repair Balm – Repromote

Extremely dry and cracked skin on your feet? The intensive anticallus repair balm by essence contains a highly effective care complex with urea and glycerin to regenerate the skin without leaving behind an oily residue.

Gel Shoe Pads – Repromote

The super soft gel pads will make you feel like you’re walking on air! With revitalizing massage points, they give you non-slip grip even in the most audacious high heels. This way, your feet stay in great shape – no matter how long the day or night is…

Heel Protection Pads – Repromote

Put an end to pain when you’re wearing your favorite new shoes! The specially shaped transparent gel-pads protect your heels from blisters and burning, and give you great grip in your shoes, too!

Foot Protection Gel Patches – Repromote

Put an end to sore spots and blisters on your feet! These little round gel patches protect your feet from unpleasant pressure points and ensure that you can keep partying all night long – no matter how high your heels are! Thanks to their small and practical size, these patches are suitable for all kinds of shoes.

Blister Patches Mix – Repromote

Ouch! Blisters hurt! Something has to be done to help ease the pain. The transparent blister patches work like a second skin thanks to an innovative hydrocolloid system and encourage the healing process. At the same time, they ease pain with their cushioning effect, absorb any liquid that may escape from the blister and effectively protect the wound from water, dirt and bacteria. The blister patches mix contains two different sizes.

Blister Patches Large – Repromote

Show you feet – but without blisters please! If new shoes have hurt your heels, you can ease the pain immediately thanks to the innovative hydrocolloid system with a cushioning effect. The transparent blister patches encourage the healing process, allow your skin to breathe and protect the wound from penetrating dirt and bacteria. Dermatologically tested.

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