Essence Summer 2013 Me & My Ice Cream Collection – Official Info & Photos

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Yesterday when I received the official info for Essence Summer 2013 Me & My Ice Cream Collection I was thrilled because this is finally a collection that will be available in my country and the only makeup line for this season. I was looking forward to seeing this collection and I was hoping for some nice, bright and pigmented shades to wear this summer.


I scream: ice cream! There’s nothing more refreshing than a fruity or creamy ice cream on a hot summer’s day. Essence invites you to make a quick stop at an ice cream cart in July 2013 with the trend edition “me & my ice cream”. Soft sorbet shades like beige, vanilla, apricot, pink, lavender and mint as well as awesome products in a cool retro look will melt your heart. Look forward to eyeshadows in soft nuances with a marbled texture, three lip balms with a color twirl, a creamy blush, shimmer pearls with perfectly aligned shades and nail polishes in gorgeous pastel tones. The highlights of this trend edition are the nail topping stickers that conjure-up a lovely 3D effect on your nails. And in case your hands get a little sticky while you enjoy your ice cream, you can simply use the practical hand wipes to clean them up again! Gelati, gelati with essence!


International Launch Date – July 2013  (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Ukraine, Turkey, Malta, Thailand, Taiwan, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Tunisia, and Kuwait)

Romania Launch Date – July 2013 at Douglas, Marionnaud, B&B and local beaut shops (Romanian beauty shop list)

Enjoy the entire collection right after the jump.

Essence Summer 2013 Me & My Ice Cream Collection

Baked Eyeshadow – New & Limited Edition

Icy eyes! The longlasting, baked eyeshadows in soft caramel, apricot and mint have a creamy texture and a cool marble effect to conjure-up a summery eye make-up style with a light shimmer.

  • 01 Cone Head
  • 02 Icylicious
  • 03 Always In My Mint

Lip Balm – New & Limited Edition

Let’s twist! These unique lip balms are available in three different color combinations: lavender-vanilla, apricot-beige and pink-mint. The colors blend perfectly upon application and look really cute, too! They pamper your lips with shea butter and jojoba oil as well as leaving behind a delicious fragrance.

  • 01 Ice, Ice Baby
  • 02 Icylicious
  • 03 Ben & Cherries

Cream Blush – New & Limited Edition

Cream dream! This blush with a creamy formula and innovative curvature feels creamy and powdery at the same time. The intensive apricot shade offers a naturally beautiful, fresh complexion. Head out into the sunshine – with a portion of your favorite ice cream!

  • 01 Ice Bomb

Shimmer Pearls – New & Limited Edition

Shimmering scoops of ice cream… the softly shimmering pearls with a light color dispersion are perfectly aligned with the pastel shades of this trend edition. They give your face and neckline a subtle glow and can even cover-up fine imperfections as well as slight redness thanks to the different nuances.

  • 01 I-cy U

Nail Polish – Limited Edition

Strawberry, sweet woodruff, blueberry or apricot? The longlasting nail polishes in gorgeous pastel shades like pink, mint, lavender and apricot are sure to put you in the mood for ice cream – and summery nails, of course!

  • 01 Ben & Cherries
  • 02 Always In My Mint
  • 03 Ice, Ice Baby
  • 04 Icylicious

Nail Topping Sticker – Limited Edition

Rainbow sprinkle toppings! These innovative, self-adhesive stickers create a unique and surprising 3d effect on your nails. The sweet design with a pearl-like look is the ultimate nail style highlight – and not just for ice cream fans!

  • 01 Rainbow Sprinkles

Hand Wipes – New & Limited Edition

Ice cream cone to go? To make sure that your hands are fresh and clean after you enjoy your treat, the me & my ice cream hand wipes come in a practical, re-sealable packaging that’s sure to fit into any purse. And they have a delicious strawberry ice cream fragrance, too!

  • 01 I Scream Ice Cream

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  1. This collection reminds me of M.A.C Cupcake but I find it so appropriate for this brand. It’s just plain adorable! Curious about the shimmer pearls.

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