Essence Summer 2013 Sun Kissed Collection – Official Info & Photos

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Seems like it’s not to early to be thinking of summer since Essence is presenting their new Summer 2013 Sun Kissed Collection which will become available since mid of spring. Romanian fans keep your fingers crossed for this collection as it might be available in limited edition but I will tell you for sure in 2 days.

Here comes the sun! Winter is coming to an end and essence is ready to welcome all lovers of summer into the warmer months of the year with the Trend Edition Sun Kissed. With beautiful golden shades and bright contrasting beach colors, these products are reminiscent of a romantic sunset at the beach and conjure-up the ideal make-up styles to ensure beautiful moments – not just on vacation, but anytime! The absolute highlight: a shimmer spray for sun kissed skin turns winter pallor into a gorgeous glow with a true wow-factor!



International Launch Date – from March until April 2013 at Douglas, Muller, Marionnaud

Discover the entire collection right after the jump.

Essence Summer 2013 Sun Kissed Collection

Soft Touch Eyeshadow – Limited Edition – € 2.29

Beach time: thanks to the long-lasting formula of the soft touch eyeshadows, your eye make-up can effortlessly handle long sunbathing sessions and dives into the deep ocean. The eyeshadow’s creamy texture and metallic effects guarantee unforgettable moments and a pure holiday feeling!

  • 01 Hello Summer!
  • 02 My Sunny Side
  • 03 Sunset

Waterproof Eye Pencil – Limited Edition – € 1.49

Orange blue: thanks to its excellent color dispersion and ultrametallic effects, this waterproof eye pencil is an absolute must have. Whether you go for a creative or classic look, your eyeliner style is sure to welcome the summer with open arms in the gorgeous colors:

  • 01 Hello Summer!
  • 02 Sunset Paradise

Lipstick – Limited Edition – € 1.99

Summer glow: the semi-transparent sun kissed lipstick guarantees a gorgeous, bright smile. With its gel-like texture, it subtly tints your lips for a natural summery look.

  • 01 Soak Up The Sun
  • 02 Hello Summer!

Cheek Tint – Limited Edition – € 2.49

Bye, bye winter skin: emphasize your cheekbones with the sun kissed cheek tint. Its gel-like texture offers a fresh look so you are sure to make a grand entry at the beach bar!

  • 01 Soak Up The Sun
  • 02 Hello Summer!

Shimmer Powder – Limited Edition – € 2.99

Sundowner: a cool drink in your hand, eyes on the ocean, the last red-golden rays of sun on your skin. The soft shimmer powder gives your face and neckline a subtle glow with its gold pigments. Forever glow!

  • 01 Sunset Beauty

Nail Polish – Limited Edition – € 1.59

Shades of summer: you’re sure to achieve the perfect beach style for your nails with the four sun kissed nail polish colors in bright orange, shimmering gold, iridescent sea blue and the dark red of dusk. With their extra broad brush, they turn your nails into the ultimate surfer girl accessory!

  • 01 Soak Up The Sun
  • 02 Hello Summer!
  • 03 My Sunny Side
  • 04 Sunset Paradise

Shimmer Spray – Limited Edition – € 3.29

Shimmer shower: the refreshing shimmer spray with a gorgeous scent perfectly accentuates your light summer tan! Its texture contains subtle shimmering pigments to provide your skin with a beautiful and natural-looking glow. A refreshing beauty cocktail – even when you’re on the go!

  • 01 Suntimes Here, Suntimes There

Self Tanning Wipe – Limited Edition – € 0.99

Tan to go! The self tanning wipes comfortably fit into any purse for a quick tan boost wherever you are! One wipe is enough to evenly spread a hint of a summer tan on your face and neckline for a look worthy of the summer, sun and sea!

  • 01 Sun Is Where You Are!

Enjoy more photos…

Essence-Summer-2013-Sun-Kissed-Soft-Touch-Eyeshadow-Packaging Essence-Summer-2013-Sun-Kissed-Soft-Touch-Eyeshadows

Essence-Summer-2013-Sun-Kissed-Self-Tanning-Wipes Essence-Summer-2013-Sun-Kissed-Shimmer-Powder

Essence-Summer-2013-Sun-Kissed-Eye-Pencil Essence-Summer-2013-Sun-Kissed-Cheek-Tint Essence-Summer-2013-Sun-Kissed-Lipstick Essence-Summer-2013-Sun-Kissed-Nail-Polish Essence-Summer-2013-Sun-Kissed-Shimmer-Spray

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