Essie Lilacism Nail Polish from “The Art of Spring” 2010 Collection – Review + Swatches

Hi Girls,

Another Essie nail polish review is ready. Let’s take a closer look to Lilacism a beautiful spring hue from The Art of Spring collection.

Elegant and enchanting, this satiny smooth lilac whispers springtime. A beautiful color in the bottle but not so beautiful on my nails.

The price of the 15 ml bottle is $8.00 and can be also found on Essie website. Take a look at the first picture and trust me when I tell you that I took this photo after I layered two coats of Lilacism nail polish.

2 Coats of Lilacism – no top coat

Well that’s right the color is beautiful while it’s in the bottle but once it gets on my nails it’s done. Like the Neo Whimsical nail polish from the same collection this one is also very fluid. Even after I laid the second layer of top coat the color was not true to the one in the bottle.

Can you see the lines that this brush is leaving behind? How about the uncovered parts on my nails, where you can almost see my natural nail color? I don’t know about you girls but for me it’s really unacceptable that after 2 layers of nail polish the final result should be this one.

2 layers of Lilacism – no top coat

I really do love lila colors don’t get me wrong but it’s a shame that such a beautiful color look so transparent once it is applied on your nails.

Maybe I’m the only one here that had this experience with Lilacism nail polish but why this didn’t happened with the other Essie polishes?

Lilacism 4 days later

Considering that I didn’t applied any top coat the polish resisted OK on my nails. I’m sure that you can’t wear the polish like this. Most certainly a third coat of Lilacism will be need and another coat of top coat, but with 4 layers of polish how much is going to last on your nails?

Lilacism – 2 layers – after 4 days – no top coat

I’m really disappointed on Lilacism, I never imagined that this could be such a pale and sheer polish. You can notice of course the chipped ends of my nails but I think those are not so important comparing with the general aspect.

I’m just curious did you girl tried Lilacism and the same thing happened to you?


  1. Just came across your blog. I did try Lilacism, actually I purchased Van D’Go, Pop Art Pink, and Tart Deco also. I have only tried Lilacism so far, but I think I used three coats. I am a habitual three coater no matter what lol. Anyways, I think the application could have been better, but I still had a nice opaque color after three coats. I received lots of compliments also. Yours looks very very sheer, but I think a third coat would have evened it out for you. Also I always use top coat, so the nail polish lasted about a week with no chips.

    • Hi Tasia! Welcome and thanks for much for your comment. I think the third coat would have been OK probably but this would mean already 5 coats if I add base and top coat and I don’t like so many layers or nails. The thicker it gets the sooner they will get chipped. I usually apply 2 coats of nail polish and those who are great polishes have a nice finish even after the first coat. 🙂

  2. Hey have you tried Essie’s “To Buy or Not to Buy”? I’m just trying to compare it with Lilacism. From your swatches Lilacism does look more sheer. To Buy or Not to Buy is very opague and I like a soft color to look soft.

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