Essie Mirror Metallics Collection for Summer 2012 – Info, Photos & Prices

Hello lovelies!

I can’t believe it! Essie is launching Mirror Metallics Summer 2012 Nail Polish Collection which is basically their 3rd summer collection.  Different than the previous two, Poppy Razzy Summer 2012 Collection (info & photos) and Essie Summer 2012 Collection (info & photos), Mirror Metallics features 5 new shades with metallic finishes absolutely gorgeous.

When it comes to cutting edge looks on her fingertips, she knows that Nothing Else Metals. It’s all about molten chic and chrome confidence. She’s as Good as Gold with these magnificent minerals, getting noticed everywhere she goes and generating Penny Talk all over. After her brilliant and high-powered day, there’s No Place Like Chrome, where she can truly enjoy some soothing, pleasing Blue Rhapsody.


International Launch Date – July 2012 in salons and beauty destinations worldwide

Follow me after the jump to meet the entire collection.

Essie Mirror Metallics Nail Polish Collection Summer 2012

  • No Place Like Chrome – richly oxidized nickel
  • Blue Rhapsody – metallic blue
  • Nothing Else Metals – metallic lilac
  • Penny Talk – incandescent copper
  • Good as Gold – glitter metallic gold

Every Essie nail polish contains 13.5 ml (.5 fl oz) and retails for $8.00 (44.50 Lei).

Enjoy more photos…

Essie No Place Like Chrome Nail Polish

Essie Blue Rhapsody Nail Polish

Essie Nothing Else Metals Nail Polish

Essie Penny Talk Nail Polish

Essie Good As Gold Nail Polish


    • I hope I can get the new collection so I can review it and post swatches but I don’t know at the moment if it will be available here.

  1. They’re gorgeous ! I have the blue and the lilac polishes, colours are really subtle. I think I should pick up the entire collection. Metallics are not always pretty but the Essie ones really are.

  2. Done ! I have the 5 nail polishes ( went to our “Monop ” this morning ), I took the 3 others and Tour de finance. I would really advise the entire Metallics collection, thus you can apply one for each nail ( feet or hands ), they look great. One coat is enough, they last a while ( got Blue Rhapsody on the feet ).

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