Essie Summer 2012 Nail Polish Collection – Official Info, Photos & Prices

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Hands up for Essie‘s second Nail Polish Collection for Summer 2012. When I saw Essie Poppy Razzy Summer 2012 Nail Polish Collection (full post + info + photos) I thought that will be the only summer collection and honestly I wanted more than those four new shades. Is trendy these days that every brand launches two summer collections, one with neon colors of course and the others personalized by each brand.

After being all tied up all winter long, her layers unlace to reveal the bright bikini so teeny days of summer. Shimmering color takes
center stage as she reigns in her seductive off the shoulder look, inspiring fear or desire in those who admire her. Suddenly, mojito
madness sets in and it’s time to be carefree. Even on hot summer days, she knows how to be forever cascade cool.

Now is the time to suit up. Whether you prefer to strike a pose poolside or relax at the beach, the myriad maillot varieties provide endless inspiration for this season’s haute couleurs. Wherever you may fall on the swimsuit spectrum, there’s a color for it – and it’s invariably Essie.

The search for the perfect swim silhouette requires courage! Essie Weingarten, founder and creative director of Essie proclaims. My advice: start your search with a great color. You simply can’t lose if the color fits. This splashy collection makes having fun in the sun even easier. If you’re feeling nervous – and let’s face it, we all do – a perfect mani pedi can give you a major confidence boost. Confidence is the key to being truly sexy!

How appropriate, then, to cavort in a sextet of seductive colors that will give you a leg up. Less is more when it comes to a flirty two-piece, but never skimp on luxe color. Intensely saturated brights and cocquettish pearlescent pastels make a beautiful statement without covering up your impeccable style. Exuberant sky blue casts a spell with charming playfulness. Blazing summer – hot pink pushes the limits, while intensely bright orange takes you past the point of no return. How much gorgeous can a good man take? Shimmering molten bronze tests his mettle and surely bends him to your will. Wherever you find yourself this summer, take the plunge with color that declares: life’s a beach!


U.S. & Internationally – June 2012 – in salons and beauty destinations worldwide

Romania – 1 June 2012

Meet the entire collection right after the jump.

Essie Summer 2012 Nail Polish Collection

  • Bikini so Teeny—provocative lustrous sky blue
  • Cascade Cool—frosty, shimmery carnation pink
  • All Tied Up—naughty molten bronze
  • Off the Shoulder—daring, scorching hot pink
  • Fear or Desire—obsession-worthy bright orange
  • Mojito Madness—fun-loving party lime

One Essie nail polish contains 13.5 ml (.5 fl oz) and retails for $8.00 (44.50 Lei). There will also be available a 4 PC Cube containing the shades – Bikini so Teeny, Off the Shoulder, Fear or Desire and Mojito Madness – and a 12 pc display containing 2 of each shades.

Enjoy more photos…

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    • For sure there will soon be swatches…but I don’t know yet if for all the polishes. 🙂 I’m still thinking what should I pick…because some of these shades are similar with the ones from Spring 2012 collection and even from Poppy Razzy.

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