Essie Tart Deco Nail Polish from The Art of Spring 2010 Collection – Review + Swatches

Hi everyone,

Let me present you Tart Deco another color from Essie Art of Spring 2010 collection. You all know that coral shades are the stars of the Spring season so Tart Deco is one of those dreamy coral shades that deserves to be on your nails.

Chic and modern, Tart Deco is an artistic burst of color. Very pigmented and with a fluid texture this nail polish is very easy to apply leaving no lines behind.

Tart Deco nail polish – without top coat

For the final result I needed to lay 2 coats of Tart Deco but as you can see the result is a beautiful shiny spring color. I’ve added no top coat so we can see the true power of this nail polish. Is it chip resistant or not. This beautiful coral color is not going to be seen on my nails again if it will not pass the test.

Tart Deco 4 days later

Now you can tell me your true opinion about this color and also about the nail polish. I know that some of you don’t keep a nail polish for more than 2 days but I know that are many girls out there who are looking also for a chip resistant nail polish and not only for a gorgeous color.

I have to admit that I’m kind of lazy when it comes to apply a new nail polish so I don’t change my color earlier then 3-4 days.

Tart Deco after 4 days – without top coat

I had the same incident here – previous was when I tested Van D’Go nail polish – so please excuse me I know that one of my nails doesn’t have the same length as the others. 🙂

The color tends to mattify after a couple of days and because I haven’t used any top coat the result is the one from the photo. I can say it lasted pretty amazing on my nail for so many days and I’m sure with the help of a top coat it could have lasted better and much longer.

If you like coral shades you must not miss this nail polish because it deserves to be on your nails.

Let me know if you found this review helpful and what do you think about this coral nail polish. 🙂


  1. This and Van D’Go are my favourites from this collection. And I’m pretty sure that the manicure would have lasted longer and more glossy with top coat. 🙂 Love it!

    • Hi there! The only nail polish that I haven’t got from this collection is Pop art of pink which I’m sure it would have been my favorite since I’m in loveeee with pink colors. I’m really not into coral shades but I can appreciate a beautiful color. 🙂

    • Hi Gio! Is indeed a real pretty hue for those like you who like coral shades. It’s pastel but suitable for springtime 🙂

  2. I’ve had issues with this nail polish! It looks so pretty in the bottle, just like your pictures, but when I put the top coat on and it all dries it turns like a neon orange. Not the same and I don’t love it as much! I even changed top coats and base coats thinking it was a chemical reaction of some type. What’s up?
    .-= HeatherG´s last blog post: Growing Up… =-.

    • Hi Heather! As you can see from my review I haven’t applied any top coat to this nail polish. When I test the polishes rarely I decide to apply top coat because I know to know their real lasting power. I know that applying top coat can change the aspect of some polishes. This happened to me a few times due to the nail polish texture. You can just skip the nail polish because the color shines by its own but the downside is that it won’t be lasting so long. As you can see from my review Tart Deco is not that chip resistant. 😀

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