Essie Winter 2013 Shearling Darling Collection – First Look!

Hello pretties!

Here’s the first promo photo for the upcoming Essie Winter 2013 Shearling Darling Collection. There will be six new nail colors with different finishes ranging from shimmery wine burgundy and light paste shades of lavender and blue to deep greyish blue and pearly rosy brown.



International Launch Date – TBA

I’m willing to go with the darker colors for the cold season but I don’t understand the pastel shades which are more suitable for spring rather than winter. Let’s wait for the close-up photos and colors’ description.

The official information hasn’t been yet released so keep on checking my blog as I will post more once information becomes available.



  1. Hmmm, the middle shades looks remarkably like Dior’s Galaxie, which I’m absolutely loving. I’m curious to see how close they are.

    • Good point Aida! Indeed some of these can be considered dupes for Dior’s Galaxie but we need to see some swatches to be sure. 🙂

  2. I reallllyyyy hope the one you’ve described as “pearly rosy brown” is actually a metallic rose gold colour with some slight shimmer in it.. I can tell that the one where the bottle’s the biggest will be the headliner of the collection, but I don’t get why.. it doesn’t seem that special to me at all :/ Essie have been on point as of late, but I’m not really sure about this collection. Their winter collections are always good, but I’m not sold on this one. Think once more pics and descriptions come out, my mind will hopefully change! Thanks for these pics though tavia 🙂

    • I totally agree with you that’s why I was saying I’m still waiting for the official color description and more photos. 🙂

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