Essie World Cup 2014 Nail Polish Collection – Sneak Peek

Hello everyone!

I really can’t believe we get to see a sneak peek of Essie World Cup 2014 Collection. 🙂 This is actually more of a teaser because the colors have not been decided for sure and the names haven’t been picked yet. Essie is working in putting together 11 new shades for the upcoming World Cup 2014 Collection.

Nothing has been decided for sure yet so Essie is currently playing with the shades but I’m happy I get to see how the collection looks so far. All I know is that 11 shades represents a big nail polish collection for Essie but I’m hopping they will not change this number.


International Launch Date – late Spring 2014

More photos right after the jump.

The idea seems to be to choose the new nail polishes based on the flags colors of the countries participating at the World Cup 2014 so we can’t be sure of anything yet but since red, white, black are colors often seen on many countries flags I’m pretty sure they will be part of the new collection.

Enjoy more photos…

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