Estee Lauder Holiday 2010 Makeup Artist Professional Color Collection

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Although it’s still Autumn we already know what to expect from the Holiday 2010 collections and gift sets. I’ve previously posted a preview about Estee Lauder Makeup Artist Professional Color Collection for Holiday 2010 and now I have some new photos for you. This collection is worth over £ 315 but if you purchase any Estee Lauder fragrance you will get a big discount and you can take it home with you only for £ 49.00.

This collection is so glamorous, products wrapped in gold and definitely a really nice color combination of shades combined in this palette.


In Platinum – will be available nation wide

In Gold – Japan and U.S. – exclusively @Harrods, Brown Thomas, and

More photos and information right after the jump.

Estee Lauder Makeup Artist Professional Color Collection for Holiday 2010 includes:

Deluxe Eyeshadow Compact

Includes 18 eyeshadow colors and 2 eyeshadow applicators.

Deluxe Face Compact

Includes 4 Estee Lauder Signature powder blushes and a mini blush brush.

Pure Color Lipstick

Available in 2 colors.

Pure Color Crystal Sheer Lipstick

Available in 2 shades.

Pure Color Gloss – Double-end Type

Includes 2 lip gloss shades.

Artist Eye Pencil

Will be available in 3 colors.

Take It Away Cleansing Milk – 97 g

Makeup Brush Set- 4 brushes

Makeup Box

Available in Gold and Platinum (check country availability). Size approximately H255 × W310 × D115mm

Cosmetic Pouch

Will be available in Gold and Platinum. Size H145 × W220 × D35mm.

What do you think girls?


  1. I have the eyeshadow swatches of both palettes in my blog, if anyone is interested. 🙂 We have both sets available in Malaysia.

    • Hi Vonvon! Please let me know where, because it’s very tiring to see the entire article on homepage. Why don’t you try to post only a photo of the article and some words, then follow with the MORE tag. I see many photos of your eye on the home page…scroll to infinity .:)

  2. I bought the collection from last year, so I have almost everything of this one, including the case, but in other colors…This is an awsome kit, Im still in love with my old one!!

  3. Hello ! I do want this Estee Lauder Holiday 2010 set, it will be available in countries like Germany or Switzerland ? Thanks a lot

    • Hi Solange! If you had read carefully the article you must have noticed the part where I wrote about availability. Nation wide it will be available only in Platinum variant. 🙂

  4. Unfortunately I’m not very keen on EL fragrances, so I wouldn’t want to buy any just to get this. Also I have way too much stuff already and wouldn’t know where to put it. 😀

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