Fashion Smoke makeup inspired by Too Faced Smoky eye palette

Few days ago I did another Smoky eye makeup inspired by Too Faced Smoky eye palette. This look is called Fashion Smoke and I have to tell from the beginning that I never use blue or green shades for my makeup looks, so this was a real challenge for me.


Maybe it’s only my impression but I don’t like using green and blue eyeshadows since my eyes are green and I try to emphasize them by using other colors like violet, pink, gold or brown shades. A few years ago I was using a lot ofย  black and gray eyeshadows for everyday smoky eye makeup, but if you are bored with the classical black eyeshadow you can try a purple smoky eye makeup which seems to be very trendy this fall and also suits every skin, hair and eye color.


For this Fashion Smoke makeup I used the 3 eyeshadows ( Sugar Cookie, Wicked Green and Midnight ) from the Too Faced Smoky eye palette and my own makeup brushes.



After cleansing my face ( makeup removal and tonic lotion) I’ve applied a thin layer of Make Up Forever Face Matifying Primer ( which I will review soon ) and after continued with Vichy Flexilift Teint Anti-Wrinkles Liquid Foundation. I really need your help here girls, because I’m looking for a new foundation and I would prefer a non-liquid one, because my complexion is oily and sometimes mix so liquid foundation are not really my best choice here. The Vichy foundation is not giving me a very good coverage so I’m looking for something that can provide me a medium to full coverage. I’ve heard about Make Up Forever foundation but did anyone give it a try?



I’ve started the eye makeup by applying Too Faced shadow insurance all over my eye-lids. After I start sweeping Sugar Cookie from brow to lashes. As you can see from the photos bellow this is a shade very close to my skin tone and it perfectly for blending in harsh lines.


I’ve continued with the Wicked Green shade that I pressed onto the inner lid. Wicked Green is a very pigmented andย  dark green shade and I have to admit that I was quite pleased with the shade. This autumn I’ve been fascinated by green nail polish and seems that I’ve even start to embrace the pleasure of some green eyeshadows.


The final part of the makeup consisted in blending the Midnight – a beautiful dark blue eyeshadow – into the crease and upper & lower lashes.



I must say that all the eyeshadows from this palette resist on the lid all day ( or all night ) long without fading and keep their pigmented color.

The final touch was applying Lancome Fatale mascara on my lashes.


For my lips I used Erre Due lip liner #164 – a pinky shade – to cover my lips ( a little trick that I use to make the lipgloss last longer ) and contour them and on top of it I applied Jordana Strawberry Shine #28 ( a very light pink sheer lipgloss ).

I hope you liked this short tutorial Fashion Smokeย  look and I would really appreciate your opinion on the matter. As I’m sure that you’ve already noticed I’m again with this black satin ribbon with bow that I love a lot and that is really trendy this season.


  1. Hello Tavia! This looks gorgeous on you! I’m glad to see you’re posting more looks, you’re absolutely stunning. Poor eyes started watering, didn’t they? Oh well, sometimes we suffer for beauty. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Hi Marce! Thanks for your compliments and I dunno why but my eyes are wet sometimes :). I would like to post more of my makeup looks but I don’t know if visitors are really into this.

    • Hi Gio! Amazingly I love these shades of blue and green and I will probably use this combination again.

  3. I love this look! The colors are beautiful (with a nice strong color payoff) and you did a lovely sexy kitten-like eyemakeup!^.^
    As for the foundation, I can’t really help since I have only liquid ones except one powdery-compact one. It’s a mattifying YSL one. And the coverage is light…medium max. But I’d say light.
    I have a Vichy foundation too, although another line, and I don’t like it either >_>

    • Hi Mary! I usually like to use the kitty eye makeup for dramatic and pigmented colors. As for the foundation I think I will be looking some more ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. hi, Tavia!
    Very nice! I love your posts with looks;)
    3rd photo is my favorite! And I am getting their Natural Eyes Kit but only in December.

    • Hi Marina! Thanks for your nice words. I love the Natural Eye Kit also, those colors are more fit for me but I wanted to make a change in my makeup colors so I choose to buy the Smoky Eye Palette. I would love to see some makeup looks with you inspired by that palette. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi Meream! I liked this bow from the moment I saw it in the Accessorize shop. I usually tend to wear ribbons with bows ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi the Muse! I like the Natural Eye Palette also, and my first instinct was to choose that one instead of the Smoky Eye Palette but since it was a present and the person insisted to take this one because he never saw me using these green and blue shades I said that it would be a good occasion to start changing the colors that I usually use in my makeup and get ride of that pink-brown makeup routine.

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