Fuchsia in everyway

Summer has already came and every collection presented so far at Hollywood included this vivid colour, fuchsia. You can tell is one of the famous colors this year, that shouldn’t be missing from your wardrobe. This colour will help you see life in pink and would help you keep up with the latest fashion. Some of the biggest fans of fuchsia are celebrities Victoria Beckham, Kate Bosworth, Lucy Liu and Natalie Portman, who worn the colour even before it became famous. It’s a very strong color, which will make you happy, optimistic, full of energy and will help you attract many looks.

If you choose fuchsia shoes, sexy and feminines, with high heels, you will have a Barbie look who won’t let indifferent any Ken and the other Barbie dolls will envy you for sure.

Fuchsia goes wonderful with a dress above the kneel, very simple, with classical cuts. It’s a very sexy and chic clothing, which can be wear on a romantic date or even on some social events.

This colour has its own disadvantage because next to a sophisticated make up and a fancy hairstyle, can loose its charm and makes you look exaggerated and unnatural.

A very bad example can be Victoria Beckham who was seen in a fuchsia dress after spending hours in a solar salon. Fuchsia is a strong color which doesn’t go well with a very tanned skin. If your skin is too tanned choose a light pink and forget about intensive make up.

The colour works perfectly when worn as an accessory, like a medium size bag (Sarah Jessica Parker, Agyness Deyn), and would be the exactly stain colour that you need to refresh a dull clothing.

Fuchsia lip gloss and nail polish will help you get an younger look and they will surely advantage you if you have a dark hair. Nails must be cut short in a square or oval shape.

Don’t be afraid to ware fuchsia because it can be the colour you need to get you out of anonymity.

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