Get the Christmas Look 2009 with Givenchy Le Makeup

The Creative Director of Givenchy Le Makeup, Nicholas  said that the Christmas Look 2009 was inspired by pearls. The collection which is perfect for a romantic Christmas contains gorgeous products in pearl gray combined with feminine pink and a lot of special limited editions that you probably don’t want to miss.


I have to say that these days the beauty of the products is not given only by its content but also by the packages which in this case were repackaged in a festive way specially for Christmas, making them special as a gift.


If you are interested in seeing what products are included in this collection, keep reading. I’m also bringing close up photos, prices and details.

Le Prisme Perles – € 55.50

This elegant black box with pink satin accents reveals 4 beautiful eyeshadows in a generous size. The colors are: gray, gold, white and pink  and you will also get 3 different applicators.




Please No varnish. No. 166 &. 167  – € 15.70

Tender pearl – a soft pink

Elegant pearl – a beautiful silver

Givenchy-nail-varnish-please-tender-pearl Givenchy-nail-varnish-elegant-pearl

Phen Omen “Eyes No. 5 – € 27.20

I’ve heard that with this mascara you can really get beautiful long eyelashes. Who doesn’t needs them? This intensely black color is wrapped in a beautiful tube with pink cap.


Paradise & Eyeliner No. 6 No. 7  – € 28.30

The collections includes also two eyeliners for an additional accent color in soft pink and silver.

Givenchy-paradeyes-liner-tender-pearl Givenchy-paradeyes-liner-elegant-pearl

Rouge Interdit No. 24 – € 26.20

Givenchy-rouge-interdit-shine-pearl-shine Givenchy-rouge-interdit-shine-pearl-shine

Gloss Interdit No. 20 & No. 21 – € 26.20

Givenchy-gloss-interdit-tender-pearl Givenchy-gloss-interdit-elegant-pearl

Prisme Again Visage Christmas 2009 (Mousseline Beige) – € 43.30


Prismissime Visage Christmas 2009 (Silk Light) – € 48.40


The packaging of the products from this collection really impressed me! I’m really interested about the Phenomen’Eyes mascara, because I never tried this wand and honestly I don’t know if I can pull it off. I’ve been reading about this mascara and seems that it’s some girls favorite. I also like the beautiful lipglosses and the attractive look of the eye shadow boxes.


What do you like from this collection?



In the photos you can also see a new Mr. Bright in color 73, a perfect pearl highlighter that can be used  locally on face and the price is 26.20 Eur. The Look of Christmas Givenchy Le Makeup is now in stores, only at the sales agencies, which are mainly the larger branches of Douglas, ICI Paris XL, Sephora and of course the Beehive.


  1. Hey Courtney! Jen of ABS has thorough reviews of the mascara here and here!

    Tavia, this collection is gorgeous! I’m in love with the lipstick and the blush/highlighter/face color/whatever! *___*

  2. I need to get some makeup for my spring wedding and I love these light shades…im not much of a makeup gal and I know these are winter shades…but I love that they’re light and may work for me in the spring!

  3. Hi Courtney! I will let you know if I’ll talk to someone that has used this mascara. 🙂 I will need instruction myself when I will apply it for the first time.

  4. Hi Mary! Thanks for the suggestions, I’ve read the review and it looks amazing on her eyelashes 🙂 I think I’m going to try it someday 🙂

  5. Hi Diana! I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed the post and got inspired by it and I think it’s a wonderful idea to use these shades for your wedding makeup, they are really bright and pearly so it think they will be worthy of the occasion.

  6. Hi Tavia,

    That mascara looks like a medieval torture device or something to that effect! No wonder guys us girls are crazy for putting ourselves through torture for beauty. lol

    Anyway, I think L’oreal has just released their version of that mascara. Have yet to try either one… Have you?

  7. Hi Mary! I’ve read some reviews and the girls talk good about this mascara 🙂 They say that you can have volume and long lashes but not so much of curl lashes.
    I haven’t been using L’Oreal mascaras for years now since I’ve discovered the Lancome’s mascaras which are working great for me 🙂

  8. Hi Meream! I really enjoyed reading your blog (and the teapot) is nice and inspiring. Let me know how it goes if you are buying this mascara 🙂

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