Giorgio Armani Fall 2013 Makeup Collection – Color Story & Photos

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Giorgio Armani will launch his first Fall 2013 Makeup Collection next month. This cosmetic line will feature two new palettes for face and eyes, six new shades of lipsticks and eyes to kill eyeshadow.

“Giorgio Armani celebrates the fall in entirely new color facets: timelessly modern elegance and beauty, interpreted as natural as refined, relaxed as consummate way the world seen through a kaleidoscope. A Kaleidoscope separated reflections and the nuances luminosity increases to give intense, pure, sparkling and striking colors to the new makeup collection Linda Cantello, International Makeup Artist from Giorgio Armani Beauty, among others also developed the absolute star-product: Face & Eyes palette with two harmonies and six shades of eyeshadow cult Eyes To Kill Intense.”



International Launch Date – 19 August 2013 at Douglas perfumeries

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Don’t forget about the second Giorgio Armani Fall 2013 Makeup Collection (preview & photos) featuring the new compact foundation which includes a fan-shaped brush, new lipstick and nail lacquer shades. This collection will be divided into two parts and the first one will hit the Japan counters on the beginning of September 2013 while the second part will be released at the end of October.

Giorgio Armani Fall 2013 Makeup Collection

Face & Eye Palette – €80.00

  • #01 Blue-Violet Tones
  • #02 Brown-Green Tones

Eyes To Kill Eyeshadow – €32.50

  • 30 Rose Popillia
  • 31 June Beetle
  • 32 Gold Hercule
  • 33 Scarab Violetta
  • 34 Blue Beetle
  • 35 Silver Chafer

Rouge d’Armani – €31.00

  • #300
  • #409
  • #410
  • #610
  • #611
  • #612

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  1. Thank you for the information! You ‘ve got a great blog! May i ask you if you know which of these products are going to be permanent and which are limited edition? Thank you!

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