Givenchy Spring 2013 Doctor White Skincare Collection – Info & Photos

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Givenchy will launch this spring the new Doctor White Powder 10 Skincare Line and Liv Tyler is the face of this campaign. Meant to be used for 21 days the new skincare collection which includes 3 new products promises to improve your skin texture, to brighten it, reduce redness and also erase dark circles, spots, uneven color.



Japan Launch Date – 1 March 2013

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Givenchy Spring 2013 Doctor White Skincare Collection

White Harmony High Performance Whitening Program – 20 ml

Designed for dull skin and those facing redness problems this new whitening program contains efficient whitening essence that will brighten and refresh your skin, proving a more white uniform translucent skin.

Light Catching Whitening Eye Care – 15 ml

The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and delicate, and vulnerable to UV. This whitening eye care is part of the latest generation of whitening products which improves the eye skin texture and color.

UV Shield SPF 50 – 30 ml

This UV Shield product acts like a skin barrier against ultraviolet and environmental factors and offers a flawless skin.

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Givenchy-Spring-2013-Doctor-White-Light-Catching-Whitening-Eyecare Givenchy-Spring-2013-Doctor-White-UV-Shield-SPF-50 Givenchy-Spring-2013-Doctor-White-White-Harmony-High-Performance-Whitening-Program


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