Goodies for skin: Collistar, La Prairie, Chanel, Garnier, Avon & L'Occitane

The fight against age is practically won!

The choice:

You don’t have visible wrinkles. Congratulations! You are one of the lucky ladies that possessed a beautiful skin or you like to take good care of you complexion. But this doesn’t mean that your complexion has somehow managed to stop the time for itself. It’s important to take measures in advanced. The choice of cream should depend – no, not on price – but, on your skin needs,¬† but also on your lifestyle. Look, if you a woman always on the run, you will appreciate 100% a cream anti-aging energizing and for day time, but also for night, like Collistar Energetic Anti Age Cream 50 ml ( 50$ ), which not only helps the skin to regenerate, but also protects it from any external aggression.

Collistar Energetic Anti Age Cream

As for you eye area I can recommend you La Prairie Anti-Aging eye cream SPF 15 or La Prairie Cellular Eye Contour Cream both very good creams which will fight the first signs of aging and many other problems concerning the sensitive skin around your eyes.


You are faithful to the same product for years? Does your dermatologist knows about it? Your skin has changed during this time and it is possible to be used to much with the product. Useless to say that the research evolved, new and revolutionary¬† ingredients appeared. Have you heard of Activinol? It’s a new complex that reactivates skin regeneration and you will find it in the new range Anew Reversalist – Day Serum ( 39$ ) and Night Cream ( 27$ ) from Avon.

Anew Reversalist - Day Serum -Night Cream

Did you tried anything natural? You can make “a diet” using products based on plants. For example, immortelle flowers; they are excellent in anti-age fight and you can find them in the Immortelle Divine Cream L’Occitane 50 ml ( 100$ ). Plants extracts and antioxidants can be found in Anti-wrinkle cream from Garnier Essentials ( 15$ ) which maintains skin hydration for 24 hours.

Immortelle Divine Cream L'Occitane


The complexion requires an average of 2 weeks to get used to a new product, so do not be disappointed after the first application. Still, many products show their efficiency a lot faster and the skin keeps progressing. And when it comes to skin elasticity, it really looks incredible. You will regain it with the help of Chanel Ultra Correction Lift from which the Day Cream SPF 15 it’s part of.

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