Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection Holiday 2013 – New Photos!

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Even though we don’t have a full color story of the upcoming Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013 I’ve returned to show you new photos that were tweeted a few days ago. Even though the colors of this collection were described as vibrant and electric, the Crazy Paris Eyeshadow Palette doesn’t look so pigmented to me after I’ve seen swatches.


Guerlain invites you to a night out in the Crazy Paris to a romantic date or simply to discover Paris by night with a romantic stroll past the Maison Guerlain on 68 Champs Elysees. Whatever your holiday wish, Guerlain has the most coveted holiday makeup products to create the perfect look. Don’t hesitate, these collector editions always sell out… So let’s get a little crazy!


U.S. Launch Date – 1 October 2013 (ship date) and 15 October 2013 on counter

UK Launch Date – November 2013

Take a peek and enjoy more photos!

Guerlain Holiday 2013 Crazy Paris Collection

Crazy Paris Eye Palette – New & Limited Edition – $86.00

Housed in a chic black lacquer compact, this palette provides 6 shades of playful and dramatic eye colors to liven up any holiday look. 2 deep shades can be used wet or dry to create a perfect line or a dramatic smokey eye effect. 4 shades of eyeshadow color ranging from copper, beige, white and hot pink can be used alone or blended together to create unique color effects to play up the eyes. You can create a classic evening look or go a little crazy to create a more modern and playful effect for the eyes.

La Petite Robe Noire So Crazy! Shimmering Face & Hair Powder – Limited Edition – $89.00

Shimmering powder for face, body and hair. The black glass bottle with neon pink vaporizer contains a delicate and airy shimmering powder lightly scented with La Petite Robe Noire. Just one squeeze of the bulb will dress up skin and hair with an effervescent and iridescent pink halo. Can be applied all over the body and the hair.

Crazy 68 Terracotta Bronzer – Limited Edition

Features crazy shades of bright pink, green, purple, beige and white.

Crazy Champs Elysee Meteorites Pearls – Limited Edition – $58.00

This is probably the most bright combination of meteorites pearls due to those fiery pink corally beads, light lavender, golden beige.

I will return with the full color story once information becomes available.



Photos were tweeted by Abesawako and Story Web


  1. Thanks for the sneak peak! I will be purchasing the meteorites for my teenage daughter! The packaging looks like it’s for young people. Can’t wait to see what color the rouge automatique lipstick is!

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