Guerlain Fall 2012 Makeup Collection – Preview, Info & Photos

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I see summer is just around the corner but fall?! There are quite a few months until I have to think about cold and rainy weather but news about fall makeup collections are spreading fast. This time is a preview of Guerlain Fall 2012 Makeup Collection which is expected to be launch in August. There are definitely quite a few new products but I don’t know at this point which one is going to be Limited Edition.

The famous Natalia Vodianova is again the face of Guerlain’s ad campaign and she is wearing in this promo photo, bold red lips colored with the new Rouge G L’Extrait de Guerlain. This is a lipstick, do not be mistaken by the packaging, but is a liquid lipstick with a creamy texture and pigmented colors. Guerlain is not the only brand releasing this type of product (lipstick in a lip gloss packaging) because if you remember not too long ago I posted a review about Shiseido Lacquer Rouge RS403 which is going to be available in fall 2012 and is a combination between a lipstick and a lip gloss. You already can see swatches of the new Rouge G L’Extrait de Guerlain shades here.

There will also be a new blush duo Rouge aux Joues which contains one color blush and one for highlighting the cheeks. A new Terracotta bronzer called Terra Soleia will be available in two new shades in August. I personally don’t get why is it launched so late in the summer. The pattern is absolutely charming and it will be hard to resist buying it even if it will be in the end of summer.


International Launch Date – August 2012

Meet the entire collection right after the jump.

Guerlain Fall 2012 Makeup Collection

Rouge G L’Extrait de Guerlain

  • M06 Avarice
  • M41 Envie
  • M65 Paresse
  • M25 Colère
  • M71 Gourmandise
  • M69 Orgueil
  • M27 Luxure

Rose aux Joues Blush Duo

  • 01 Peach Boy
  • 02 Chic Pink
  • 03 Over Rose
  • 04 Pink Punk
  • 05 Golden High
  • 06 Red Hot

Rouge G Lipstick

  • 27 Gilda
  • 28 Genna
  • 47 Gisela
  • 76 Gracy
  • B04 Bonnie  (Rouge G Le Brillant)

Stylo Levres Lip Pencil

  • Rouge Dahlia
  • #42 Bois des Indes

Kiss Kiss Gloss

  • 851 Sable Show
  • 873 Grenade In

Ecrin 4 Couleurs Eyesahdow Palette

  • 14 Les Fauves

Terra Soleia – Limited Edition

Available in 2 shades.

Enjoy more photos…


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