Guerlain Météorites Perles “Light is in the Air” – Info & Photos

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I’ve been sitting on these photos since Guerlain released their video on Youtube about the new Météorites Perles “Light is in the Air” and after I’ve posted a photo yesterday on Chicprofile’s Facebook Page and I saw how excited most of you were I decided to write a quick article with more information and promo images.


Legendary pearls: True icons of beauty, available for every type of complexion, these little multicolored pearls have kept their light-bearing promise for 25 years. All you have to do is blend the pastel colors with a brush to create the purest radiance and give your skin a fresh, new glow. The wondrous skin-enhancing power of these pearls is infused with an irresistible scent of violet. A magic spell for the skin that is sure to enchant.

Pinks, greens, whites and gold…thanks to the colored pearls in meteorites, women can now revitalize tired faces with a single sweep of a brush! – Olivier Echaudemaison , Guerlain Creative Director


Japan Launch Date – 21 June 2013

China Launch Date – 1 July 2013

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In order to celebrate the Météorites 26th anniversary this year, Guerlain releases a limited edition of Météorites Perles “Light is in the Air” in Paris Paradise with a special packaging. The new Météorites Perles include six colorful pearls which blended together offers a harmonic color, light reflection and a flawless and radiant complexion. The rose pink and green pearls refresh tired and dull skin, while beige and orange pink pearls can soften the skin and improve skin color. Ivory and pale gold shades or mini pearls create a three-dimensional contour.

I’m not sure if the pearls with the limited edition packaging will be sold exclusively in Asia as it would be a shame for those who have been fans of Guerlaine Meteorites Perles for years not to have this collector item.

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    • Thank you so much for the info Anna! I wasn’t 100% sure they are Asia exclusive so that’s why I didn’t want to give false hopes but it’s true that I read many articles about this limited edition packaging Meteorites only on Asian beauty blogs. Do you have any idea when they were launched in Malaysia?

    • I fell the same way Telle! I’m often jealous on Asian women since I love almost every collection that is Asia exclusive, not only when it comes to makeup but to skincare also.

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