Guerlain Terra Azzura by Emilio Pucci Collection for Summer 2012 – Sneak Peek – Info + Photos

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News about summer 2012 collections keep on coming. This time we get to see a sneak peek of Guerlain Terra Azzura by Emilio Pucci Collection for Summer 2012. Natalia Vodianova is the model representative for this collection while the inspiration came from the Italian Riviera with azure sea, blue sky, white sand and bright colors of summer.

Terra Azzura Collection was created by Emilio Pucci and Olivier Eshodmezon – creative director of Guerlain . A collection like this makes me forget about winter and think further away at summer days.


Internationally – 3 June 2012

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Guerlain Terra Azzura by Emilio Pucci Collection Summer 2012

Terra Azzura Bronzing Powder & Blush

Meteorites Perles d’Azur

Terra Azzura Brush

Ecrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette

  • #13 Capri

Mascara Le 2 de Guerlain by Emilio Pucci

  • Indigo

Terracota Khol Kajal

Terra Azzura Vernis

  • #01 Paradisio
  • #02 Riviera

Terra Azzura Gloss

  • #10 Porto Fino
  • #11 Porto Ercole
  • #12 Porto Azzuro

Enjoy more photos…

You can pay a visit to Time4beauty and check out more photos, since she already got the products and enjoy her swatches.



  1. Visited your recommended sites 🙂 like time for Beauty and their swatches 🙂 Just can’t get the language on their site I already make used of the translator and enjoyed 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing this information … I love the colours of this summer 2012 collection 🙂

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