Hottest tendencies of the season

Pastel tones, daring lip stick, tanned skin or sparkling eyelashes – what’s your choice?

Trend no 1: Chocolate skin. Would you like a sexy complexion like Jennifer Lopez? Tanned skin will always make a sensation in the warm season, and not only. Tanned, you look younger, so my advice is do no let glowing make- up miss from your purse. Modern make-ups from YSL presentations and Stella Mc Cartney sustain the same thing: tanned complexion is en vogue!

To obtain that look you need a tanning product which can be applied over your face and an illuminator for eyelids and cheek bones. Some key products which can help you are: Fard Carrousel Compact Powder from Lancaster, Dove Summer Glow Daily Face Moisturizer, Photonic Illuminating Powder Brush from Lancome.

Trend no 2: Glossy Make -up. Giorgio Armani presents a glossy makeup, just as fluid as his creations: complexion, lips, eyelids which seems moist, accentuated by eye shadows with glossy texture. The face looks lightly burn by the sun, and the shades are very natural. Others designers choose a dull make up with glossy accents only on the lips and eyelids. Moschino brings an eyeshadow, very natural, with glossy texture.

You can obtain this look with a complexion illuminator applied under the powder. Or, if you want to have glossy eyelids, look for a creamy or liquid eyeshadow. Key products: Iluminator Eclat Minute from Clarins, Ombre Glacee from the new collection L.U.C.I. from Lancome, lip gloss Crystal Glow from Jade.

Trend no 3: Hot lips. Lips in daring colours conquer even in this season the platforms and they have something to say in Chanel, Antonio Berardi and Lanvin collections. The face is impeccable, eye makeup is diaphanous, and lips, how else? Red, of course – in orange, fuchsia or cherry colours.

How do you get the look? If you have a pale face, choose colours like red, orange and if you are brunette i propose you cherry lipsticks. Apply some of transparent lip gloss on your lower lip, to give a plus of glow to your lipstick.

You can choose this products to help you: Lipstick Lip Attitude Chic from Sephora, Lip Liner from Max Factor and Gloss Super Lustrous from Revlon.

Trend no 4: Pastel look. There is one proposal in tone with sprin and summer: diluated colours for eyelids and lips. Colours like: bleu, lila, pink in combination of glossy textures or opaque. You can find inspiring sources in the pret-a-porter presentation from Antonio Marras, with pink on eyelids, Byblos, with ivory or Blumarine, with mineral eyeshadows in light gray colours.Also Valentino chose pastel makeup, with bright gray eyelids and pink lips.

If the tanned can hide the little imperfections of the skin, this makeup needs an impecable face.

Key products are: Idealist Pore Minimising Skin Refinisher from Estee Lauder, Le Blanc from Chanel an illuminating base for the face.

Trend no 5: Retro Style. Pronounced eyes and very good outlined with eyeliner are very famous this year. You can see them in collections like Pollini bye Ozbek, Costume National, Missoni, and also at celebrity like Eva Mendez or Angelina Jolie.

You need a precise hand… and an easy applicable eyeliner. And something else: double the line drawn with the eyeliner with a nacreous color.

Some helpful products are: Eyeliner from Clarins, Silver crayon from Make Up For Ever, eye shadows from the new Givenchy collection.

Trend no 6: Sexy eyes. Eyes makeup has an unexpected textures combination: opaque- glossy- nacreous. Christian Dior designers are proposing even the glitter or sparkling dust. It’s a spectacular makeup, which I recommand you only in the night when you go to a club or a party. So, smokey eyes makeup gets sophisticated in colors and new textures.

Buy a case of different textures of eye shadows. Use only one opaque color and apply from place to place some glitter or just use a dark opaque and a warm color .

Products: Ombre Eclat 4 Shadows from Guerlain, different textures and colors for eye shadows and Eyeliner Glitter from Collistar, and Mastertouch Concealer from Max Factor.

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