How you choose a perfume – gift?

Definitely, you can’t buy it random. Of course it won’t be easy to guess someone’s taste, and the risk of not fitting him it’s very big. If u can’t find any clue from the one you want to surprise him, you will have to look for other signs.

What kind of music she/he listen? Classical music goes with floral perfumes – even oriental – or fruity. If listen to rock, indy or pop, your friend could prefer fruity aromas, and for a rythm& blues lover you can try an oriental perfume. Of course if you know for sure that is a fan of a certain star, and this one “signs” a perfume then you are saved!

Favorite color Here it’s pretty simple, because colors impact is in general very strong. You can choose a perfume by the recipient color, or you can try testing the ingredients after color. If she prefers yellow, it’s obvious that you can go with fruits, for pink choose a floral scent, for green a natural perfume or based on green plants. The specialists recommends woody perfumes  or oriental for the amateurs or red. Even blue it’s an important clue, because you can choose a perfume with marine accents.

What kind of activities she/he has? She/he loves to stay on the beach, for sure will love a fresh perfume, with marine notes. Woody aroma will fit perfectly on a strong and active woman, but for a spoiled girl, looking for relaxation, the perfect perfume will be the one with fruity aroma. A devoted sport woman, amateur of journeys, can wear an oriental perfume.

How about some clues for the perfect perfume gift? Here are some of my suggestion, new fragrances that can make a perfect gift.

Thierry Mugler Innocent Rock

Givenchy Absolutely Irresistible

Hermes Un jardin apres la Mousson

Estee Lauder Pleasures Delight

Vitality by Liv Botanicals

Christina Aquilera Inspire

Celline Dion Sensational Moment

Bvlgari Jasmin Noir

DKNY Red Delicious

Nina Ricci- Love in Paris

Dsquared She wood


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