Illamasqua Generation Q Fall – Winter 2012 Collection – Info, Photos & Prices

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Illamasqua Generation Q Fall – Winter 2012 Collection will not be launched until September 2012 but until then I will write every week a special post with promo photos and details of the makeup looks and products.

Generation Q – is generation YOU! It’s what they tell you not to do; it’s what you see your true self through. It’s what is old and what is new. What you know and what you knew. It’s what you feel and what is true.Alex Box, Illamasqua Creative Director

Driven by this desire to constantly challenge the status quo, we are proud to break the unspoken prejudice of age as we launch our new AW12 collection – Generation Q.  This new, dynamic range of expressive textures and shades provides the industry’s only antidote to the homogenised outdated vision of beauty.

Generation Q is a celebration of beauty. Ageless, and without limits or restrictions. It’s our declaration to the world that beauty is inclusive, not exclusive. In fact, Generation Q is a clear message to everybody, everywhere that beauty is not young, old, black, white, male or female, but anything, everything and everyone. If you’re someone who does not want age to define them, don’t want to blend in and fade away, you are Generation Q.

For Illamasqua, this is a stand we were born to take. So in typical Illamasqua style, we have done something that no other brand would or could do. Generation Q campaign will go against the industry’s unspoken and despicable taboo, by featuring older models as well as young. Hiding your age is like hiding your true identity. After all “Illamasqua customers will not be told what to do and when to do it” Julian Kynaston, Illamasqua Founder.

Illamasqua is not just make-up for the skin. It’s make-up for a mind-set. And it’s why all the Generation Q models aren’t models at all, but real make-up fans, with a real life and real sense of their own beauty. The future of beauty is changing and we are the new voice of a brand new generation – Generation Q, where beauty has no age limits


International Launch Date – 6 September 2012 at Illamasqua counters and online

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Illamasqua Generation Q Fall – Winter 2012 Collection

Complement Palette – £34.00

  • Slink Power Eyeshadow – soft champagne with shimmer finish
  • Focus Liquid Metal – cool brown metal, metallic cream – NEW
  • Forgiveness Powder Eyeshadow – rich chocolate plum with matt finish
  • Queen of the Night Pressed Pure Pigment – blackened plum with shimmer finish – NEW
Empower Palette – £34.00
  • Blink Powder Eyeshadow – neutral flesh tone with matt finish
  • Synth Powder Eyeshadow – iridescent pale pink, shimmer finish
  • Fervent Pressed Pure Pigment – reddish/blue/brown/green with shimmer finish – NEW
  • Slick Liquid Metal – anthracite metal with shimmer finish – NEW
Lipstick – £16.00
  • Underworld – blueberry violet shimmer
  • Magnetism – eep raspberry pink – NEW
 Intense Lipgloss – £14.00
  • Opulent – rainbow beige – NEW
  • Boost – blueberry violet – NEW
 Nail Varnish – £13.50
  • Creator – magical black – NEW
  • Charisma – deep raspberry pink – NEW
 Gleam – £18.00
Lightweight compact highlighter, iridescent formulation lifts and highlights wherever applied.
  • Aurora – light champagne, pearlescent finish – NEW
 Powder Blushers – £18.00
  • Sophie – golden coral shimmer – NEW
  • Allure – dusky rose pink shimmer – NEW
 Precision Ink – £17.00
  • Wisdom – antiqued gold – NEW

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