Illamasqua Nudge nail polish from the Pastel Nails Collection – Review, Photos, Nail Swatches

Illamasqua Pastel Nails collection contains four beautiful colors that are already available in the shops as well as on @Illamasqua website.

I received Nugde nail polish together with Blow ( review ) just the other week, packed in a beautiful turquoise box together with other surprises from Illamasqua.

Since I first so the promotional photo for Pastel Nails collection I wanted to try Nudge color and I had a felling it would be my favorite from the entire collection. Nudge is a beautiful minty ice cream shade that comes in a 15 ml bottle for the price of  £13.oo. Currently there is an offer for the entire collection on Illamasqua website and you can save up to £ 13.00 if you decide to buy the whole four nail polishes.

Nudge nail polish – 2 coats

The texture is a little bit creamy but fluid and glides easily, the brush is perfect so the application went smoothly. I’ve applied 2 coats so I can get the final result and the color looks perfect, without lines or brush strokes.

In the next photo you can see how this color looks if you add one layer of top coat.

Nudge nail polish + top coat

The polish is fast drying and it’s said to be also chip resistant. I really love this color and if you noticed this shade was included almost by every nail polish brand in their Spring 2010 collections.

Nudge nail polish 5 days later

You’ve already seen how this color looks after first application and now it’s time to see how it looks 5 days later. First let’s take a look on those nails where I’ve applied one layer of top coat after those 2 coats of Nudge.

Nudge nail polish + top coat – 5 days later

Nudge is one of those chip resistant nail polishes but of course if you want to have a perfect manicure and you’ve also work around the house you will probably need to change this color after the fourth day. I’m really pleased with the result and for this is a really great nail polish considering what work I’ve done with these nails. 🙂

You are probably curious how Nudge looks after 5 days without a top coat. Let’s take a look and decide together. 🙂

Nudge – 2 coats – no top coat – 5 days later

Is it just me or these nails where I didn’t use any top coat look better then the ones in the previous photo? Well it surely seems this way to me. You can slightly notice those chipped ends and the polish looks almost perfect after 5 days. Who can’t say that Illamasqua doesn’t make chip resistant nail varnishes? 🙂

I hope you had fun reading this review and you enjoyed it. Let me know if you like this color and if you bought something from this collection.


    • Thanks for the comment dear. What I hate is that I don’t like to have so many layers of polish on my nails and to wait so much to dry. If I will apply base coat, 2 nail polish coat and top coat….I will have to wait for at least 10 min for all my nails to dry. 🙂

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