Illamasqua Spring 2013 I’mPerfection Collection – Sneak Peek

Hello lovelies!

Yesterday I found in my e-mail a sneak peek of the upcoming Illamasqua Spring 2013 I’mPerfection Collection which will launch soon. Who doesn’t want to be perfect, I mean to have a perfect looking-flawless complexion. The title can be read both ways with a double signification “I’m Perfection” and “Imperfection”.


The world isn’t perfect. But who wants to be perfect anyway?

I’mperfection is an open invitation to stand up and show the world what makes you perfectly, imperfect. We want you to highlight the features other brands encourage you to cover up and celebrate your imperfections like badges of honour. So show off your freckles. Make beauty spots more beautiful. Shine a light on your birthmarks. And be proud of your scars. Because life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about celebrating who you really are…


International Launch Date – 31 January 2013

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