Innocent look – The makeup that makes you look younger

innocent look After the age of 25 the search of the innocent beauty becomes a purpose. We want to look fresh and young. I know I want it every time I look in the mirror. This thing can really become possible. We only need the courage to adopt a natural trend.

If you are used to cover your face with lots of makeup, foundation and powder, your complexion will start loosing its natural color after a long period of time. Of course you can choose solarium or creams with tan effect if you really want to.

I start using foundation and powder only 3 years ago, because I noticed that during my working hours on my complexion begun to appear some red spots. I used to work in a place where was a lot of smoke from cigarettes and cigars and this smoke was entering deep into my skin. I have to admit that I’m a non smoking person and I try  to keep away from all the smoking areas as much as I can. After a period of time while I was working in that place, the effects start appearing on my face. When I got home, all the time I start a cleansing routine and OMG you don’t want to know how black and dirty were my makeup removal pads. So, I decided to start using a foundation and powder, just to protect my skin against the smoke.  Now I quit working there and during the summer I don’t cover my face with anything (besides face creams with SPF, of course). Sometimes during the cold season I like to use Vichy Flexitent, but not everyday.

Here are two of my reasons to adopt a natural makeup:

  • you are sparing your complexion, giving a break to your skin by letting it breathe
  • you will look younger

What you need in order to achieve this look:

– golden powder with tan effect

innocent look-makeup – blush (try a peachy or light pink color). I’m using L’Oreal Blush Delicieux in Pink marshmallow. It’s a transparent blush that contains vitamin C and gives a natural pink look to my cheeks.

– golden eyeshadow. Believe it or not I have a quad from Hello Kitty that contains gorgeous golden colors.

– black or brown mascara. I like more the black ones and favorites are from Lancome. I even reviewed some of my top 3 favorites Lancome’s mascaras.

– light pink lipstick or lipgloss. Choose your favorite but I’m usually using for this look the Burjois Rose symphonic lip-shine.

To complete this innocent look you need also an ingenious hairdo (check out the photo). The combination with the negligent bun it’s very successful. By the way: men really prefer this type of makeup!


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