Isadora Jewels of the Orient Collection – Fall – Winter 2012 – Info & Photos

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Check out the newest Isadora Jewels of the Orient Nail Polish Collection for fall – winter 2012. The new 12 colors were wisely chosen to represent the new season.

The collection is inspired by the warm, dynamic and deep colors of the Orient. Red as in the ”Orient Express”, orange from the ”Sultan Palace” and a blue that can only be seen on a peacock’s feathers.

”Persian Princess” is a dynamic purple color of ancient royal grandness that will make your nails pop. ”Silk road” has the deep blue shade of a dark night in the desert, with glitter in gold, yellow, red, green and blue, representing the stars and starlights seen when city lights are far away from the starlit night.

These and other colors from ”Jewels of the Orient” can be seen on the fashion runways, and are also a great match with your more modest black clothes that you want to accessorize with color.


International Launch Date – September 2012

Meet the entire collection right after the cut.

Isadora Jewels of the Orient Collection Fall – Winter 2012

Wonder Nail Polish – €8.95

  • #637 Night Flight
  • #720 Beetle Green
  • #733 Paradise Green
  • #740 Dynasty
  • #741 Black Amethyst
  • #742 Sultan Palace
  • #743 Orient Express
  • #744 Ancient Ruby
  • #745 Persian Princess
  • #746 Silk Road
  • #747 Oasis
  • #748 Peacock

Enjoy more photos…

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