Isadora Spring 2013 Clear Nail Gel – Info & Photos

Hello beauties!

Isadora introduces a new product this spring which is the Clear Nail Gel an all-in-one nail product for perfectly groomed nails.

Due to its gel like consistency it fills in small ridges in the nails and creates a perfect base for a colored nail polish and at the same time prevents the nail from yellowing/discoloration. Applied as a top coat it acts as a protective shield and makes your nail color last longer while also adding a super glossy finish. Use alone for a super glossy natural manicure.



International Launch Date – February 2013 at Douglas

Find out more about this product and how to apply it right after the jump.

Use Clear Nail Gel 6-in-1as:

  • Base Coat
  • Ridge Filler
  • Top Coat
  • Super Gloss
  • Long Wear
  • Protection

How to apply:

Apply the Clear Nail Gel on your oil-free nails. You can choose to apply it as a base or top coat and one layer of this gel should be enough. If you want to keep your nail manicure clear then two coats will you give you the result. Allow to set in between the two coats.

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