Jeanne Lanvin Couture New Fragrance for Summer 2012 – Info, Photos & Prices

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Lanvin launches a new women’s fragrance this summer named Couture after four years of silence since its last perfume launch. The new fragrance is meant to lure a slightly more mature consumer.

As the high priest of elegance, Alber Elbaz has a gift for stirring the imagination of both young girls and mature women. Dresses that are short and clean-cut, perfectly defined lines, an essential glamour that flatters the figure from dusk to the wee hours of the night. Directly inspired by the Lanvin runways, the new Jeanne Couture perfume features all the fashion brilliance of the House of Lanvin. With a grosgrain ribbon around its neck that gives a playful wink to the creator’s bow tie and to the flagship codes of the house, the bottle captures a new chapter in olfactory history. A declaration of style that reveals an unexpected side of Jeanne, one with a touch of impertinence and subtle emancipation.


Northen Europe Launch Date – May 2012

Europe Launch Date – July 2012

Romania Launch Date – June 2012 (Sephora, Douglas, Marionnaud)

Asia Launch Date – late September 2012

U.S. Launch Date – Unknown – there are no plans for selling this fragrance in U.S. for now

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Jeanne Lanvin Couture Summer 2012 Eau de Parfum

  • 100 ml bottle will cost €76.00/ $100.55
  • 50 ml bottle will cost €53.00/ $70.15 / 200 Lei
  • 30 ml bottle costs 151 Lei

Perfume Notes

  • Top Notes: Violet Leaf, Raspberry, Water Notes
  • Heart Notes: Magnolia, Peony
  • Base Notes: Musk, Cedar

From ballerina flats to high heels

Representing a new interpretation of a perfume hit launched in 2008, Jeanne Couture offers a sophisticated variation on the theme of the first opus. This bold fragrance with self-assured femininity dares to borrow the seductive weapons of its forerunner. Juvenile innocence and powdery pink give way to irreverence and the temptation to never let go of the elegance so dear to the heart of Lanvin. This time around, our heroine trades her ballerina slippers for the vertiginous heights of ankles perched on stilettos. A troublemaker who doesn’t hesitate to look her prey right in the eye. An undisciplined muse looking for intense emotion.

A ribbon to tie things together

As an elementary particle of the Alber Elbaz style, the grosgrain ribbon is everywhere on his creations. On the edges of precious shoes, braiding the straps of a handbag or following the line of zippers on the back of dresses, this small roll of exceedingly robust fabric was hidden for a very long time inside corsets to accent the waist. At Lanvin, it has left anonymity behind to the point of becoming a sign of recognition for fashionistas. The emblem of refinement, it dethrones the airy tulle caressing the original bottle and wraps itself around the neck of Jeanne Couture. A ribbon created especially for this new fragrance: shaded with deep violet pigments, overstitched in the center and taking flight across the box.

Intense variation

Faithful to the slender silhouette of Jeanne, this new creation modulates the effects of light and seems to be bathed in a violet glow, as if the color had seeped through the glass base. Gradually, the bottle contours take on a shape, oscillating from deep violet to transparent mauve. The pink beige label subtly matches the purple shading that reinforces the effect of the handwritten Jeanne LANVIN signature. Directly below, right on the glass, the word COUTURE appears. Scrawled across the bottle, like a retort that is as stylish as it is sassy.

From innocence to olfactory seduction

While respecting the fruity and musky framework that brought success to the first creation, Jeanne Couture dares to explore new aspects. “The challenge consisted in not betraying the sparkling signature of the original perfume, while adding a couture radiance,” explains perfume designer Domitille Bertier, who created the formula. “It’s a bit as if we had lined a fur coat with silk or slipped fine lingerie under a big-knit sweater.  There are subliminal references to the most sensual perfume harmonies without calling on the heavy artillery of seduction.” Thus, Jeanne Couture keeps its fruity DNA but is enriched with more sophisticated notes and a woody base with classical elegance.

From the first smell, we recognize the tangy raspberry that was present in the original version. But it has been freshened with a humid feel. Morning dew, green and natural, from violet leaves. Voluptuous and exceedingly sexy, the heart of the fragrance combines the soft breath of a peony harmony with a rare essence of magnolia from the Monique Rémy Laboratories. Next, cedarwood plays its evocative role. It bursts forth, providing a backbone of woody sensuality that blends perfectly with the roundness of high-impact musk. Hidden behind her mischievousness, Jeanne Couture knows what she wants. And she knows how to get it…

Undress me!

Strong-willed and determined, Jeanne Couture has no intention of lowering her eyes. Shot in black and white, the muse is clothed only in her perfume bottle, whose bow she starts to untie. A makeup-free complexion of virginal purity that goes with an intensely seductive look and a deliberately colorful perfume. An advertising campaign that hoists the family of Jeanne Lanvin to the heights of a new Everest of femininity.

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  1. It’s times like these I wish I lived in Europe. US brands (most of them are sold abroad, ot you can order online) but there are so many fun brands that we don’t have access to 🙁

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