Jill Stuart Relax Collection Summer 2016

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Jill Stuart presents its annual body care line for summer that will be released next month in a limited edition. Take a closer look at the new Jill Stuart Relax 2016 Collection which features five body care products. The entire collection is presented in such a pretty packaging while all the products have the same scented Floral Marine formula.




Japan Launch Date – 6 May 2016

Jill Stuart Relax Collection Summer 2016

Jill Stuart Relaxing Mineral Body Essence – Limited Edition – 250 ml

The formula contains plenty of moisturizing ingredients and menthol that will give you a chilly but comfortable soothing sensation of the skin.

Jill Stuart Relax Mineral Hand Cream – Limited Edition – 30 g

Jill Stuart Relax Mineral UV Protector SPF 50 – Limited Edition – 50 ml

Can be used for both body and face without hesitation as it has a light formula and promises to protect your skin from UV rays while offering a moisturizing sensation.

Jill Stuart Relaxing Mineral Bath Salt – Limited Edition – 240 g

Just perfect to reinvigorate a tired body, just place it in warm water and take a relaxing bath, while enjoying a relaxing atmosphere. Afterwards your skin will be very smooth and soft to the touch.

Jill Stuart Relax Mineral Mist Refresh Oil Control – Limited Edition – 60 ml

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