Jill Stuart Summer 2013 Jelly Makeup Collection – Sneak Peek

Hello beauties!

I don’t know yet if this will be the only Jill Stuart Summer 2013 Makeup Collection but I definitely know it’s one exclusively formed from jelly products. While I’m patiently waiting for the official info I want to share with you some photos of the products featured in this collection. Don’t forget there are also a couple of surprises waiting to be launched on the first of May 2013 and I’m talking about Jill Stuart Summer 2013 Makeup Base (info & photos) and Jill Stuart Summer 2013 New Relax Items (info & promo image).



Japan Launch Date – 26 April 2013

Find out more right after the cut.

Jill Stuart Summer 2013 Makeup Collection

Jelly Blush – Limited Edition

  • #01 Lacy Petal
  • #02 Floral Rond
  • #03 Swinging Chorus
  • #04 With a Whistle
  • #05 Let Vibrate

Jelly Lip Gloss

  • #31 Weekend Stroll
  • #32 Andante Cantabile

Jelly Eye Color

  • #19 Passion Fruit
  • #20 Coconut Mint
  • #21 Soda Pop

Enjoy more photos…



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