Kim Kardashian – With and without Makeup

Kim Kardashian has recently changed her look. Some of us like the change from that black long hair to a more brighter color, some of us thought differently about the change. Anyway, I think she always looked gorgeous with her makeup on (don’t we always? ), but I was kind of shocked to see her recently without makeup on. Is not the first time that Kim appears without makeup, but I never seen her like this.

Maybe I’m wrong in saying that all the other photos that I saw with her in a more natural look were close to normal (you could still tell that is her).


As I said over and over again, I try as much as possible to wear a natural makeup for more than 2 reasons. I don’t like to see a big difference in the mirror after I remove my makeup. I think that over the years, if I keep using foundation every day, my skin will just loose its color and I will become pale (as I saw this happening to lots of ladies) and can’t go out from house anymore, unless I use sunglasses or some foundation. Yeah I know there are always options, like going to solar or using a self tan cream. During the summer I try not to cover my face with foundation, as often as I can. This summer I almost succeeded. I think I didn’t have a full makeup coverage more than 10 times.

I think this can happen to many of us, to look a lil bit different without our makeup on. But when we start seeing extremely changes in the mirror We should slow down with the makeup, just for a while, to give a break to our skin so it can regenerate to its natural color. I know are ladies out there that wear foundation every day at work (cause you can’t go without makeup) and it’s normal. Let’s try to keep it more natural and simple. You know how they say…less is more.


Everybody knows that celebrities have tones of makeup on their faces when they go to  photo-shooting sessions, interviews, parties or events. Even photoshop became their best friend when it comes to show their photos of the cover of magazines or even a videoclip. We often see them looking so gorgeous and many think that is their natural beauty and they can’t be looking so different without makeup on.  Some of  them can really go unnoticed on the street, trust me.

I begin to think that nowadays the makeup is a true hero for some celebrities, rescuing them from day to day life.. Maybe I’m a little harsh here, but let me know what you think in the comments bellow.

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  1. I love that she is skipping makeup…I wish more celebrities would do this! I used to love that about Jessica Simpson on Newlyweds (wow, I’m getting old)- she would skip makeup a lot. I think Kim would look less washed out if her hair were back to her darker color, but she’s still gorgeous! : )

  2. Her complexion is strange. She doesn’t look so good to me. I think cause of too much makeup that she wear everyday. It would be great, as you said, if they will adopt a more natural look more often. Because her skin has different shades she looks strange.

  3. Also her eyes look strange… It seems like it hurts her to keep them open.. And they look swallen somehow.

  4. i think kim should def. switch back to black and sorry but she looks horrible without makeup

    • I’ve seen her photos from NYFS and she already returned to black….as for the makeup….no comment. 🙂

  5. Kim is showing that even California women don’t look as beautiful without any makeup — especially eye makeup.

  6. i know she dosent look too good without makeup!but,dats y they r celebrities and it comforts me to know that anyone cud look just as good!with the right magic!(Makeup)eg tyra,oprah!they all use the magic too!

    • Hi Femari! You are absolutely right! A professional makeup could really change a person and make it more beautiful. 🙂

  7. I have to wear foundation everyday. I have red spots on my cheeks because of past acne and they are really slow to go away. So, I don’t want to go outside and look like a Margherita pizza. A good complexion colour is the base for eyes, if I hadn’t use foundation my eye makeup would look awkward.
    Kim Kardashian is olive-coloured, so maybe that’s why she looks strange without tan.

    • Hi Chloe! One of my closest friends had scars from past acne problems, but the made a treatment with laser (some deep peeling or something) and his skin improved with 85%, I can’t believe how good he looks now when I remember how he used to look just 2 years ago.

  8. She looks more like Kourtney here, she’s just chilling sans makeup like the rest of us.

  9. Well, her features remain the same, she is still very beautiful, but the blonde hair does not do her justice at all. She is a natural brunette and looks good that way, so I think she should stick to her true hair color… But are those freckles or pimple marks? I really can’t tell…
    Either way, I think no one can look their best in a non-makeup look, let’s face it…

    • Hmmm… I tend to disagree a little bit there. 🙂 I’ve seen a lot of girls who really look good without makeup on or without so much makeup on. Kim always wears too much makeup and the difference before and after is amazing. Those are some blemishes on her face and pimple marks.

  10. Wow! Hadn´t seen those photos before!
    I used to think she looked better without make up but these photos are the first ones I don´t really like.
    The problem is, if you wear a lot of make-up, you end up ruining your face with all these quemicals on it!

  11. She is insecure, that’s why she wears tones of makeup. I think she’s ugly with and without makeup 😉 I just don’t like her also

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