Kinetics SS 2013 Crazy Daizy Nail Polish – Review, Swatches & Long-Lasting Test

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As you know I received the entire Kinetics SS 2013 Crazy Daizy Collection (info, photos & swatches) a while ago for testing and review purposes so I decided to begin with the star of this collection, the Crazy Daizy nail polish one of the most vibrant shade of the entire line. Crazy Daizy is a cheerful color that can be worn perfectly both during spring and summer season and has a little resemblance with Kinetics Pinky Winky nail polish (review, swatches & long-lasting test) from last year’s Neon Spring 2012 Collection (swatches).



Now,, and at Exclusive Beauty Line Academy in Bucharest.

Crazy Daizy Nail Polish (€6.00/ 25.00 Lei for 15 ml/ 0.5 fl oz) is a creamy coral with an extra tint of pink which reveals an almost fully opaque color right from the first coat. A second coat will guarantee a perfect fully opaque bright pinky coraly shiny shade. The formula is creamy, but just a little bit thinner than the usual creamy nail polishes and glides perfectly and easily on the nail right from the first coat. The application went perfect without bubbling, streaking or pooling. After I’ve applied the second coat I’ve added on five of my nails an thin coat of Kinetics Nano Shark Treatment (review & swatches) for color protection, as a treatment and for a plus of glossiness. Having a creamy formula I advise you to give it a couple of minutes to dry.

I’ve worn Crazy Daizy nail lacquer for 5 days when the tip wear became visible on the nails where I’ve worn the top coat. The result is a little bit better on the nails where I haven’t applied top coat even though the color is not that shiny anymore but creams, soap and lotions will do that.

As a dupe I would recommend you Kinetics Pinky Winky nail polish which is also a pretty coral shade but with more hint of orange and a neon formula that dries almost instantly after is applied on the nails.

Enjoy more photos…




Kinetics Crazy Daizy Nail Polish – one coat


Kinetics Crazy Daizy Nail Polish – two coats


Kinetics Crazy Daizy Nail Polish – with top coat


Kinetics Crazy Daizy Nail Polish – after 5 days – without top coat


Kinetics Crazy Daizy Nail Polish – after 5 days – with top coat


Left: Kinetics Crazy Daizy Nail Polish – Right: Kinetics Pinky Winky Nail Polish

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